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How to save YouTube videos on Mac with Airy

Best Solutions on How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac

Today’s Internet is hard to imagine without YouTube. Its limitless catalog caters to your every request, whether it’s for knowledge or for entertainment. But, good as it is at searching, YouTube will never stream as smoothly as an offline video. Let’s have a look at some apps that allow you to download from YouTube:

How to Download YouTube Videos Mac with a Desktop App

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1. Airy
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 22.55MB free space. Version 3.21.318. (3 Dec, 2020). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
Category: UtilitiesApplication

How to download YouTube videos Mac? When it comes to third-party apps, you want functionality, comfort and safety. Well, you’ll be glad to hear - Airy brings all of that to the table! The videos will be loaded onto your PC in your desired format, whether video or audio. Even entire playlists can be fetched without hassle, to be enjoyed regardless of internet connection.

Airy- Best solution to save a YouTube video to Mac

Airy Guide on How to save a YouTube Video to Your Mac:

1.Download Airy from its official website to your Mac. Install and launch as you would any other app.

Copy the video URL from YouTube and paste it into the search area. Press Enter.

Step 1 on how to save a YouTube video on Mac

Select the format and resolution that you want. To get audio separately, find MP3 in the list of available formats.

Step 2 on how to save videos from YouTube on Mac with Airy

Click Download. The video will be saved to the "Downloads/Airy" folder. To change this path go to Airy Preferences.

Step 3 on how to download videos from YouTube on Mac

Before purchase, Airy YouTube video downloader for Mac offers a free trial version. You can download 2 YouTube videos to try it out and get a feel for it. The full version will give you unlimited downloads and the full package of features. If you still have questions, Airy website offers help on how to download videos from YouTube Mac.

The Full Airy Experience Includes:

  1. YouTube content without ads
  2. High speed downloads and high quality media
  3. Audio versions of YouTube videos
  4. The format and resolution of your choosing
  5. Web browser integration
  6. YouTube playlists and channels easily downloaded
  7. YouTube subtitle files in SRT format
  8. Auto-insertion of your YouTube login and password
  9. 60fps videos from YouTube
  10. Pausable downloads
  11. Access to age-restricted and protected content

How to Save YouTube Videos on Mac With a Browser Extension

Browser extensions (or, alternatively, add-ons) are small apps that extend the functionality of your web browser. Extensions are displayed in various ways; some of them add buttons directly to a webpage, whereas others show up as a button on your toolbar. Compared to desktop programs, they may have less features. Let us present some popular YouTube downloader add-ons:

A Firefox Solution on How to Download Videos from YouTube Mac

If you’re looking for a popular and widely used Firefox add-on, then YouTube Video Downloader is definitely the way to go. It’s a nifty way how to save a YouTube video to your Mac. You can get any videos downloaded from YouTube with just one click, and that includes 256 Kbps MP3 tracks.

YTVD is reasonably useful for a non-premium application. One of its benefits is that it won’t impede your browsing; the additions are very subtle. While it may seem unimpressive, the app supports Full-HD video.

Upon installation, a button will appear on every YouTube video page. Clicking it will reveal a context menu with some download options. Sadly, no features are implemented for playlists.

How to save a YouTube video on Mac with Firefox browser extension

How to Download YouTube Videos on a Mac If You’re on Opera

Similarly, Opera has an abundance of addons. They fluctuate in quality and feature-completeness, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ve chosen a decent contender that can fulfill your YouTube download needs. Our suggested extension is Y2Mate.

You can get it directly from the Opera Addons website. At the time of writing, it is freshly updated, but don’t be surprised to find it abandoned and incapable of how to save YouTube videos on Mac. Still, in its current form, Y2Mate is a fine tool for a quick download or two.

Its button can be found either on your browser’s toolbar, or on the panel under your YouTube videos. Choose a setting, start a download, business as usual.

How to save a YouTube video on Mac with Opera browser extension

Safari Tutorial on How to Save YouTube Videos to Mac

Safari doesn’t have any easily accessible browser-based solutions. Fortunately, Airy is here to save the day! Its Browser Integration function will act as a more advanced, faster version of your average browser extension.

So, how to download YouTube videos on Mac? If you have Airy installed, go into the "Airy" menu and select "Integrate into Browser". Your default browser will open; you’ll be given a link which should be saved as a bookmark. This can be done on the toolbar or in the menu - its location does not matter.

Once that’s done, go to any YouTube page and click on the bookmark. Voilà! In just one click, your video has appeared in Airy, prepared to download.

How to save YouTube videos to Mac with Safari browser extension

Alternative Ways for Chrome to Save a YouTube Video to Mac

Chrome is unusual in regard to YouTube downloaders. Google doesn’t approve of any attempts to download YouTube content (just look up their Terms & Conditions), so they’ve shut down any apps on Chrome Web Store that know how to download YouTube videos on Mac.

There is a workaround - CrossPilot (available on the Web Store) provides Chrome with the capability to install addons from outside the store. And the addon we’d recommend is Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader.

Once Addoncrop is installed, it will embed a download button next to Like/Dislike. From there, it’s simple. Pick your option and wait for the download.

How to download a YouTube video on a Mac with Chrome browser extension

Save a YouTube Video to Mac Using the Official YouTube Solution

YouTube Premium is a subscription service that gets you access to special features on YouTube. The most relevant of which is, of course, is how to save a YouTube video to your Mac. Both individual clips and playlists can be downloaded. The only disadvantage is that the quality/format options are rather limited. To sweeten the deal, there are also other features, including:

  • Ad-free videos;
  • Premium access to YouTube Music and YouTube Originals;
  • Audio Only mode;
  • Background playback on all devices.

While this service doesn’t allow you to download audio separately from videos, it somewhat compensates by letting you download from YouTube music. Generally, the main benefits come from access to exclusive YouTube content, such as the aforementioned music and movies. Rather than from being able how to save a youtube video to your mac.

Be aware that the service is subscription-based, rather than a single purchase. While the initial payment is cheaper than most premium apps, these $12/month will add up very quickly.

How to download a YouTube video on Mac with YT Premium

Recording YouTube with QuickTime

Perhaps the slowest way how to save YouTube videos on Mac is to record them. Even though it is painfully slow compared to a downloader, you might prefer it for two reasons:

  • QuickTime can do it, and it’s a default system app on macOS;
  • You can record fragments of livestreams.

So, how to download YouTube videos on Mac? It’s quite simple:

  1. Open QuickTime. Go to File > New Screen Recording (or, alternatively, Ctrl+⌘+N).
  2. Check if "Internal Microphone" is selected. All other options should be in order.
  3. Start a fullscreen recording by clicking the screen or selecting the option.
  4. Go to your video, change into fullscreen mode (double-click it or press"f").
  5. Play the video until it ends, then stop the recording.

You might want to use video editing software to cut out the parts where you were opening and closing the video. Other than that, you should have a 1:1 representation of what you saw on your screen. Note that due to latency and video compression it’s unlikely that you’ll get a high-quality recording even when playing the video at Full HD.

Use These Tips to Choose the Best One!

There are many ways how to download YouTube videos Mac. This is the criteria you may consider when choosing a program to download your video to Mac:

  • High download speed
  • A wide range of formats and resolutions for you to pick
  • Audio extraction
  • Pause/Continue functionality
  • Batch operation capability (including playlist downloads)
  • Interface convenience
  • Web browser integration


Simply choose any of the methods we have just introduced above and use the one that is the most suitable for you.

For example, follow the easy steps with Airy:

Step 1. Download and launch Airy.

Step 2. Open YouTube and copy the link to it to paste it into Airy.

Step 3. Select the video format to save to and click the "Download" button.

Step 4. Wait for the download to finish and enjoy your favorite videos endlessly without annoying ads.

Keep in mind that you can even download the soundtracks instead of the whole videos. Simply choose MP3 from the list of formats and you can get your favorite songs in MP3 and without the videos.

Unless you change the location, all downloaded files will be stored in the Downloads folder.

Let’s find out how you can save YouTube videos to your iPhone.

  1. First, you will need Titan Downloader, it’s a free application. Earlier, using this app you could easily download YouTube videos on Mac or iOS, but then, this function was blocked – on the first glance, at least.
  2. If you are searching for a YouTube video using this app and you are trying to download it, you will meet a warning that according to "Copyright issues", downloading of YouTube videos is not allowed in this app. You should use Safari instead. Just find the appropriate video on YouTube and copy the video’s link.
  3. Now, return to Titan Downloader, paste the URL and bring the video up. Press the Play button to start the video playing, and then rapidly click on the Done button which is located in the upper left corner.
  4. Just at the moment when the video window shrinks down, click on it and hold your finger. After a second, you will see a menu. Click on Download or Download as and the video file will be saved in the application.
  5. The video can be stored in the app. But if you want to download it on your iPhone, you should find the Videos button at the bottom of the screen and click on it. Then, just make two clicks: one long press on the video’s icon and one click on Save to Camera Roll.

Tada! Now you know how to download your favorite videos on your iPhone!

YouTube offers a few premium membership services which are intended to give its users more possibilities and amplify their experience on YouTube. One of them is YouTube Premium (also known as YouTube Red). You should learn more about this paid membership offering.

  1. Open YouTube app and make sure that you signed in to your Premium account.
  2. Click on the "Library" button.
  3. Choose "Downloads" and find the "Recommended downloads" option.
  4. Now, just tap the download icon and you are downloading the YouTube video to your MacBook! Now you also know how to save a YouTube video to your Mac. Using this method, you can download even playlists and YouTube mixes.

Answering how to download YouTube videos Mac is very simple when you have so many great tools available. No matter if you are looking for a free app or a subscription-based tool, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Here’s how to download video from YouTube Mac using Airy:

  1. Download the Airy app from the official website and install it on your Mac.
  2. Open Airy and start looking for the file you wish to download YouTube video Mac MP4.
  3. Go to YouTube, grab the URL, and then paste it in Airy.
  4. Choose the desired format and resolution for the final file.
  5. Hit Download and let the best YouTube downloader for Mac do its job.
If you want to use a free Mac YouTube video downloader, you have plenty of online options such as Airy YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac offers 2 free downloads as well.

If you don’t want to download the files on your computer but rather record them directly from YouTube, we have a solution for that as well. You can use QuickTime Player to record YouTube, download Mac files, and save them on your hard drive.

Here’s how:

  1. Run QuickTime on your Mac [ use Finder to locate it or access /Applications ].
  2. Go to "File" and select "New Movie Recording".
  3. You will see the FaceTime webcam activating and displaying a square on the screen.
  4. Click on the red record button to start recording.
Since YouTube doesn’t offer a native download button, you need a dedicated app to download your favorite videos. So, that’s why many online and standalone apps that download YouTube videos on Mac have been developed.
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 22.55MB size
Version 3.21.318 (3 Dec, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication

Save a YouTube video to Mac with Airy