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YouTube to MP4 Converter for Mac and PC: Airy

  • Convert YouTube to MP4 files on your hard drive
  • Obtain playlists and channels full of music or clips
  • Keep multiple downloads running at once
  • Enjoy a clean and safe experience on your PC or Mac
Airy YouTube To MP3 Converter

How to Convert YouTube Video to MP4 Easily

Anyone can convert YouTube to MP4 to watch whenever you want with Airy. For more information on how to download YouTube videos to your computer and save your favorites for offline watching or listening, just follow these simple steps to build your media library on your PC.

Copy the YouTube video link you want to download
Go to the page you’d like to download videos from. It can be a video, a playlist, or a channel. Copy the URL from the address bar.
Copy the YouTube URL
Paste link in Airy to convert
Open Airy and using your right-click mouse menu, paste the YouTube link you copied into the converter field in the app.
Select the preferred format and quality
Choose your file format for MP4
Use the format selection menu to specify if you want a video or just audio. Hit "Convert", you’re done!
	Initiate the download
Airy YouTube to MP4 converter

Why Is It the Best YouTube MP4 Converter for Mac and Windows?

Ever wanted to download YouTube videos to watch later? With Airy YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac, downloading YouTube videos to your computer to save and watch offline is simple. If you don’t know how to convert YouTube to MP4 on Mac or PC, now you can do it without torrenting or doing anything more complex than a simple copy and paste. Watch your favorite YouTube media anywhere and anytime with Airy.
Limitless Downloads

MP4 YouTube Converter with Playlist Compatibility

Airy YouTube to MP4 converter lets you download entire YouTube playlists or channels easily. There’s no need to convert YouTube to MP4 files one at a time since you can copy and paste the playlist link into Airy. It’ll download the entire playlist while you go on with whatever you were doing. Save yourself some time and hassle with the Airy MP4 YouTube converter.
Download Videos Around Your Time

Convert YouTube to MP4 in Bulk

Thinking about saving a movie for a long train ride? What about a road trip? You can download movies from YouTube with Airy, the safe YouTube to MP4 converter. Just use the YouTube converter MP4 function, and you’ll get the movie file in HD or Ultra HD to take on your travels. Watch on your phone, tablet, or laptop!
One-Click Downloads - Playlists, Channels, and Categories

Novel Multithreaded YouTube MP4 Converter

With multithreaded downloading, you can download and convert YouTube to MP4 safe and efficiently on a separate processor thread. This way, the process won’t eat up the entire CPU, so your downloads won’t disrupt any other activity on the computer. That means you can keep listening, watching, or working on the computer while your downloads do their thing in the background uninterrupted!
Get Unrestricted Access

Restricted videos aren’t a problem for this YouTube MP4 converter

Using Airy, you can log into your YouTube account and download age-restricted and private videos, making this the best YouTube to MP4 converter out there. There are virtually no limits to what you can download and save to your computer or devices from YouTube with this app!

Airy was created to allow you to back up personal video and audio content to store and view offline. If you decide to use the software to back up data that does not belong to you, be aware that you are fully responsible for any copyright issues that may come up.

Why we choose Airy

What distinguishes Airy from other online solutions is that everything was carefully crafted to suit even the most pretentious user. From the user interface that gets straight to the point, without any clutter or hidden buttons to the selection of formats that Airy comes with. Even more, the availability of a browser extension makes it so that if you see a video that you like, you are two clicks away from downloading it on your Mac or Windows and enjoying it forever in your desired format. This also works with playlists and entire YouTube channels.

So if you are someone who is scared of losing precious internet content that might be deleted soon, you can rely on Airy. Last but not least, you won’t have to lose time making your videos public, as Airy has full support for downloading and converting private videos too. This saves a lot of time and none of the other alternatives have this function.


Want to know more? These are some common questions people have about using a YouTube to MP4 converter to download apps.
After testing tons of free and paid Youtube to MP4 converter apps out there, we’ve always come back to Airy. It’s the best YouTube MP4 converter thanks to not only its list of incredibly useful features like playlist downloading, multiple bulk downloads, converter features, and more. But it also prioritizes safety and security so your viewing and downloading activity is safe from spyware, malware, or viruses.
Airy will give you the ability to download two videos for free, so you can see for yourself just how powerful and useful an MP4 YouTube converter can be for you. If you absolutely love it, you’ll be able to get the full version of Airy, with unlimited downloads for just a small fee.
Airy YouTube to MP4 converter full version comes with unlimited usage so you’re free to download as much as you’d like.
Yes, that’s not a problem for Airy. You can use this app to download and convert age-restricted and private videos on YouTube just like any other video.
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