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YouTube has become the go-to app/service for listening to songs and watching new video content instantly. But YouTube is only available if you’re connected to the internet or using your device’s data. So, what if you’re in a situation where you don’t have internet/data access and would like to listen to, or watch, your favorite music and/or videos? That’s where Airy comes in. Airy is an easy-to-use application that allows you to download audio and video from YouTube, and save these files onto your Mac so you can use them anytime you’d like.

Also available on Windows
Save YouTube Videos

Download YouTube Videos you Want in Incredible Quality

Put simply, Airy is an application that allows you to easily download, save, and store videos and songs from YouTube onto your Mac devices. Airy’s interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Airy also allows you to choose the playback quality and resolution of the video file you’re downloading. If you’re not looking to download a video, and just want the audio, Airy has an option for that, too. Airy can also download multiple files at a time.

Download Full Playlists

Airy YouTube downloader for Mac makes building an offline playlists a very easy and fun activity. Perfect for jogging or flying long distances, a full YouTube music playlist can be downloaded at once so that you have all your favorite tracks in one place.

Extract MP3 music from YouTube

Airy lets you extract music from YouTube videos in case you do not need the whole video but only the soundtrack. Just choose MP3 format from the list of available formats and start the download.

Restricted Videos are Not Out of Reach

When using this YouTube downloader Mac software, there is no video you can’t download. Protected videos such as age-restricted ones or private videos can also be downloaded by logging into your YouTube account first.

Save Subtitles from YouTube

You’ll be amazed of the level of detail Airy offers when it comes to saving YouTube videos. Not only that you can get audio and video in various formats and resolutions, but you can download YouTube subtitles as well if the video you are getting has subtitles.
SRT format, that is widely supported by most video players nowadays.

Get Entire Channels or Categories

There’s no limit to what Airy YouTube Downloader for Mac can do. If you thought downloading a playlist is impressive, wait until you see this Youtube to MP4 converter for Mac save full channels of YouTube categories on your computer with just a few clicks.

Download in HD and Ultra HD

Take full control over quality with this YouTube downloader Mac software. Choose to watch crystal-clear videos in 4K and 8K resolutions and set the highest standards for your videos. It’s all possible with Airy -YouTube downloader Mac.
Save Audio

Download music Tracks and Playlists from YouTube in A Few Clicks

With Airy YouTube downloader for Mac, you get a simple and efficient downloader that can take care of any track or playlist from YouTube in moments. Just locate the video you want to download, select the format and resolution and download everything you need, including playlits or channels.

Pause or Resume Downloads

With Airy you can also manage the downloads and take a break whenever you need. Thanks to its pause and resume function, you can easily pause a running download and resume it later at a more convenient time.

Integrate Airy in Your Browser

This YouTube downloader Mac app is very fast as is, however, you may find yourself in a situation when you find a random video on a site and you want to download it instantly. Well, say no more because you can now integrate it with Safari, Chrome, Opera or Firefox and click on the download button that will be available next to the videos.
Airy was created to allow you to back up personal video and audio content for offline storing and viewing. If you decide to use the software to back up data that does not belong to you, be aware that you take full responsibility for any copyright issues that may come up.

Using Airy YouTube Downloader is Simple and Intuitive

A straightforward Mac downloader YouTube software, Airy doesn’t require advanced computer skills to operate. The user interface is easy to follow and the download process is easy. Here’s how you can use this 4K YouTube downloader to save all the videos you want, including YouTube 8K video:
Copy the YouTube URL and paste it into the Airy app
Copy the YouTube URL
Select the preferred format and quality
Select the preferred format and quality
Initiate the download
	Initiate the download
Frequently Asked Questions
Even though Airy is a simple YouTube 4k downloader, with an intuitive design and a very friendly interface, it is natural for users to have some questions about the way this software works. No matter if you want to download YouTube subtitles, use Airy as a YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac or store playlists, these are the most frequent questions users asked.
Airy provides two free downloads of YouTube videos or music in MP3 format. After that a license key is required to be able to use all the downloading options to the full extent.
No such thing, you can use Airy to download as many videos as you want. There are no restrictions or limitations whatsoever.
For the time being, a mobile version for Airy is not available. You can get Airy only for desktop operating systems, macOS or Windows. However our mobile app development team likes facing challenges, so you are always welcome to send us the detailed description of possible usage scenarios to understand your demands
It’s very easy actually. Just send an email to with any thought, feedback or request you may have and someone from the company will reply to you in the shortest time possible.
Of course you can! You can easily use it in any browser of your choosing to rapidly download YouTube videos and enjoy them offline.
If you’d just like to download audio files from YouTube and don’t care to waste space for the videos that generally come with them, Airy has an option for this, too. Simply copy and paste the URL of the song you’d like to download into the Airy app, and click on the drop-down menu below this, on the left and choose “MP3”. Simple as that!

Airy is the best tool to download all your favorite YouTube videos on Mac.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Click here to download the app. Activate the pro version for more features.
  2. Get the YouTube URL and then paste it in Airy’s interface.
  3. Choose the quality and format for your file. You can download video or audio as MP3.
  4. Hit Download.
You will find a list of the top YouTube converters. Check out this article and find the best tool for your needs.
With so many video downloaders out there, you need all the help you can get to find the best one. There are various dedicated app and some online websites that offer the same process. However, there are ups and downs for all of them. If you want the guarantee of a good and fast download process, Airy is the app you want to go with. It has plenty of positive reviews from satisfied users and it comes with plenty of features in its free and pro versions.
What others say about Airy
Airy is an incredible YouTube downloader Mac. You just pate the link and then choose the format you want. MP3 and many other popular formats are there. Quick and easy!
Chad Danes 4.8
The ability to freeze a video and resume it with this free YouTube downloader Mac app is exceptional. This allows you to complete the downloads whenever is more convenient for you.
Jane 4.8
Airy YouTube Downloader for Mac is the best software to get YouTube videos on my Mac. Tried numerous Mac downloader YouTube software but nothing compares to the quality and functionality of Airy.
Michael 4.8
Being able to freely choose the resolution and format for any YouTube video out there make Airy the best YouTube to MP3 downloader for Mac and a strong competitor to other apps in the area.
Jim 4.8
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