Best Chrome YouTube downloaders for Mac users

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The number one source for video content in the world, YouTube, is extremely popular among users of virtually all web browsers. Google Chrome fans are, of course, no exception. It would definitely be great if one could download favorite movies directly from Chrome web browser, but, unfortunately, now it doesn’t seem possible due to Google blocking all YouTube downloader extensions in the Chrome Store. Thankfully, there is a range of efficient apps that can still make it simple and enjoyable to save your YouTube videos and music without leaving Chrome. So, here are our picks for the most convenient download tools that will help you easily save any valuable YouTube file to your Mac.

Best Chrome YouTube downloader

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1. Airy
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 19.86MB free space. Version 3.12.252. (24th Jan, 2020). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
Category: UtilitiesApplication

Powerful Chrome YouTube video downloader, Airy has it’s own excellent method to save YouTube videos and music directly to your Mac’s hard drive. The app, which is able to download the whole YouTube playlist or channel with a single click, will be a great addition to your browser’s basic features. The software allows saving MP3 as well as MP4 files by simply extracting sounds from your YouTube movies. To give it a try, just follow these steps:


How do I download YouTube videos with Chrome?

  1. To start, download the app here. Enjoy first two downloads for free. Activate the full edition in case you need more downloads.
  2. Head to the main menu and find ‘Integrate into Browser’.
  3. Bookmark the link you get to the browser’s bar.
  4. Click this link every time you see the file you want to save.
  5. Finally, decide on the format your video will be saved in and hit ‘Download’.

2. Download YouTube Chrome

If Google Chrome is your all-time favorite browser, Download YouTube Chrome extension might just be the add-on for you. Here’s what you should do in order to test this app. Save the ZIP folder of the add-on to your computer by hitting ‘Download Chrome Extension’ on its website. Once the folder is downloaded and opened on your machine, click ‘Extract all’ to decompress it. After that, head to Settings → Extensions and choose the ‘Developer Mode’ checkbox. Click ‘Load unpacked extension’ and select the folder of the required add-on. Enable Download YouTube Chrome in the browser’s Extensions tab to complete the installation.

Download YouTube Chrome

3. FastestTube Chrome Downloader

Another essential Chrome YouTube downloader extension designed for dedicated Google Chrome users is FastestTube. The add-on comes with a host of useful features like saving files in different formats, saving just the video or its audio, etc. To install the extension, you should go to FastestTube website and click Chrome. Once the add-on’s ZIP folder is downloaded on your computer, open it in the File Explorer and extract the extension’s folder. Click ‘Install.bat’. Then, drag the file ‘fastesttube_2.4.0.18’ from the extracted folder to the Extensions tab opened in Chrome. Finally, ‘Add’ FastestTube to the browser and enable it in the corresponding checkbox. Now, the extension lets you save any video from YouTube by providing every movie with the respective ‘Download’ button. By clicking the button, you open the menu with settings for saving content. Well, as you see, it’s not that complicated considering numerous benefits you get once the YouTube downloader Chrome extension is installed.


4. Download Any YouTube Videos

To make your downloading experience even more enjoyable, you can also try Download Any YouTube Videos Chrome addon. The extension allows users to save YouTube content via For this purpose, hit ‘Add to Chrome’ on this page. As a result, the ‘Click to download this video’ button is added to the toolbar of your browser. Now, when you click the button, you see the khdownload website page opened below. The URL of the required video is automatically copied to the text box on that page, so all you need is to select the format and click ‘Download’.

Download Any YouTube Videos

So, these are the top four Google Chrome extensions that will help you save videos to your hard drive in a variety of formats. If you use any other efficient Chrome YouTube downloader Mac and are greatly satisfied with the functionality it provides, share with us in the comments below.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 19.86MB size
Version 3.12.252 (24th Jan, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication