Best steps to download YouTube to MP3 on Mac

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YouTube is the most popular video hosting website that comes as a first choice when you want to watch some interesting video online.

While the majority of Mac users use YouTube for video streaming purposes, there is another large group of people using the platform to listen to their favorite music and a variety of other video contents. However, for anyone to use YouTube, they must have a steady internet connection, which is not possible for some people. So, does it mean those who aren’t connected cannot enjoy content available on YouTube? The answer is no. With the ingenuity of many app and web developers, you can now download a YouTube video to MP3 safely and carry it with you all the time.

Standalone YouTube MP3 downloader Mac app

If you are looking for the easiest ways to download an audio file from YouTube to your Mac device, then worry not because there are numerous apps that you can safely use. One of these apps is Airy, which is very strong and secure. This program is designed to give you a simple, honest solution to many problems related to downloading YouTube content. It can work with numerous links and downloads many videos at a go. This app is meant to be a one-stop-shop for YouTube content.

How to Download YouTube Video to MP3 with Airy?

  1. Downloading and installing Airy – visit and automatically start downloading Airy. Run the program when it’s done downloading. blank
  2. Open the YouTube video you need in your preferred browser. Do not choose multiple files and playlists. Choose one file at a time. blank
  3. Copy the file’s URL in the browser’s search bar by selecting the entire URL and hitting Command + C. blank
  4. Paste the link in Airy’s link bar by hitting Command + V. blank
  5. Select the MP3 option from the drop-down box in the “Format” option. Hit download. Select the download location and the file will begin downloading. blank
Download YouTube Video to MP3 with Airy

YouTube MP3 Downloader Chrome

While YouTube downloader apps and websites are very popular, some people still don’t trust them and therefore prefer to use the YouTube MP3 downloader chrome. But this option comes with some hoops. For instance, Mac users, who might be using Safari as their exclusive browser, will find it hard to use this method because it requires Chrome. Nevertheless, there is a workaround you can factor in.

How to Use YouTube MP3 Downloader Chrome?

  1. Install Crosspilot, which is an extension for Chrome, allowing you to install various extensions from different sources. To add this extension to Chrome, click here.
  2. Open Addoncrop, which is a web store providing various browser extensions. We will use it to find the right YouTube MP3 downloader Chrome.
  3. Once you find the extension, download the YouTube MP3 converter. Click on “Install via Crosspilot” option and give it a few minutes to install fully.
  4. Test the downloader extension by going to YouTube and choosing a video that you would like to download. If the extension was installed properly, you should find a “Download MP3” button above the “Subscribe” button. This download button can also be found below the video player in the video description.
  5. Choose the audio quality and start downloading the MP3. A drop-down window will pop-up, allowing you to choose the quality and length of the clip. This downloader allows you to download the entire clip or just a segment of it. Choose the download location and the clip will start downloading immediately.
Chrome save youtube videos

YouTube to MP3 Сonverter Firefox

Although it has been outdone by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox remains one of the most popular browsers. If you want to download YouTube MP3 files using Firefox, you just need to find the right YouTube MP3 downloader extension.

How to Use YouTube to MP3 Downloader for Mac on Firefox

  1. Find the Firefox add-on. You can find the YouTube downloader add-on for Mozilla Firefox at Once you find it, you should click on the Download option to set up the extension.
  2. Find the video. Once the extension is completely installed, you will be able to get a download button on the YouTube app whenever you open a video.
  3. Choose format and click download. When you click on the download button, you will be provided with various download formats for your clip. Choose MP3 and it will be downloaded and stored directly to your device.
MP3 Downloader for Mac on Firefox

Convert YouTube to MP3 Online on Mac

The question that most people ask is: Is it possible to download YouTube videos as audios online without downloading the downloader? Yes, there are numerous websites that allow you to do that, but some of them are likely to infect your device with malware. Nevertheless, there are several reliable websites where you can safely download your files. One of such sites is FLVto. It is a 100% reliable, malware-free site that doesn’t require you to sign up to be able to download audios with it.

How to Use FLVto to Download YouTube Videos to MP3

  1. Open your favorite YouTube video by searching for it in the search bar on YouTube. You don’t have to log in to your account except for age-limited videos.
  2. Copy the video’s URL in the browser’s search bar by selecting all of it and pressing Command + C.
  3. Go to FLVto by opening a new tab in your browser and searching
  4. The website offers a text box where you paste the video’s link. Then you should choose the download format, which in this case is MP3.
  5. Click download to start converting the video to MP3. When it’s done and ready for downloading, you should choose the preferred download location and hit download.
FLVto to Download YouTube Videos

Download YouTube Video as MP3 via iPhone

Is it possible to download an audio file from YouTube to your iPhone? Yes, but the options are quite limited. At the moment, the only option available is YouTube Premium. While this option offers unrestricted downloading and video streaming through the phone with the annoying adverts, it requires one to pay a monthly fee. But don’t worry because if you do not have money to pay for the monthly subscription, you will still be able to enjoy the services of YouTube Premium during the free trial period of one month.

How to Download YouTube Songs to Your iPhone

  1. Start by signing up for the YouTube Premium. To sign up, you open the YouTube app on the iPhone and click on your profile icon. Remember, you need to have a YouTube account to be able to complete this downloading process. Therefore, create an account if you do not have one already. Then, go to the menu and click on Get YouTube Premium. Choose Try if Free option.
  2. Download YouTube Music. This music app is available on the App Store on your iPhone.
  3. Choose your favorite song. Using YouTube Music, find your preferred song and tap on the three black dots found next to the song’s title. Choose the download option to start the download. You can also download YouTube videos to your iPhone using the normal YouTube app by clicking on the Download option in the video description.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You have to pay the subscription fee at the end of the month in order to continue playing the files you have already downloaded.

Download YouTube Songs to Your iPhone

Download YouTube MP3 using Android Phones

Since some people use Mac computers and Android phones, it is important for them to learn how they can download their favorite YouTube audio files via their phones. The good thing about this option is that it is cost-free. If your Android phone has a YouTube app, you can easily get your favorite MP3 files via external websites. But you need to be able to find your video URLs in the YouTube app.

How to Download YouTube MP3 on Android Phones

  1. Find and share your YouTube video. In your YouTube app, you will find your favorite music video. In order to be able to download it using the YouTube downloader, you should find the share button, which is normally below the video player, and click on it. A new window will pop up with various sharing options. Click on the Copy Link option to copy the video’s link to the phone’s clipboard.
  2. Open YTMP3. Visit through your phone’s Google Chrome browser. Remember not to copy this link if you have already copied the music video’s link because you will be forced to repeat the whole process. Just click on it or type it into the browser.
  3. Paste the link. When you open the YTMP3 website, you will see a blank text box where you should paste the YouTube URL. Just long press in the text box and click on the Paste option.
  4. Convert the video and download. After pasting the link, click on the Convert option to convert the video to MP3. When the conversion is complete, click on the download button. The file will be directly saved to the phone.
Download YouTube MP3 on Android Phones

Important YouTube MP3 Download Warnings

Protect Your Device against Malware

Whenever you are downloading music or any other content from YouTube, you have to be careful about the websites you choose because some contain malicious malware that can damage your device. Only consider the websites defined in the article. These sites have been vetted by our team to ensure they are reliable and safe. It can be very discouraging to have your Mac computer or iPhone infected with dangerous viruses and malware that are usually hidden in misleading download links.

Only Download Content for Personal Use

It is illegal to download music or any other content from YouTube for profit. You are therefore advised to use the content for personal use. Even if it is not illegal to make profit from downloaded content, it is still against Google’s terms and conditions and therefore it can result in the suspension or total ban of your YouTube and Google accounts. It is important to take a look at copyright laws before you decide to use your YouTube account and content in other capacities than private. This helps in ensuring that the content you upload isn’t flagged or prohibited. If you experience problems when downloading content using any of the methods described above, make sure you’ve followed all the outlined steps, then repeat the process after 12 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to download a video from your YouTube account instead of MP3, most of the processes described above work for both videos and audios. But you have to choose the video format when you are downloading it. Then, you need to choose the location in which you wish to save the video on your computer.
As we have indicated in this article, there are many apps that have in-browser downloading features. Just follow the guidelines described above and remember to choose the video format.
Despite the numerous innovations that keep emerging, many people still use for downloading videos and audios from YouTube. While this website is fairly safe, we can’t rule out its vulnerability to attacks, considering that it is created in a Java programming language. Therefore, it is likely to expose your PC or phone to serious security concerns.

In Conclusion

While downloading audio from YouTube may seem complicated, we have provided you with the above methods to make the process easier and more efficient for you. Although we recommend the use of a reliable app like Airy, the choice you make should be well aligned with your needs. But you have to ensure that your activities on YouTube are within the law so that you don’t find yourself in trouble with law enforcement. With this information, you should now be downloading videos and audios from YouTube like a professional. Enjoy!

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