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As good as YouTube may be, there is an undeniable advantage to being able to copy YouTube videos for an offline backup. A downloaded video offers perfect, uninterrupted playback. In light of recent algorithm-based deletions, it also offers the opportunity to preserve media that is otherwise doomed. Is there a good way how to download a YouTube video?

Software for this purpose is both abundant and diverse. When you ask how to download YouTube videos, it’s easy to find an adequate program; but why strive for anything other than the very best? For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of downloader recommendations. Out of the ones we’ve tested, these apps have satisfied us the most.

How to Download a Video from YouTube on Desktop

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 22.55MB free space. Version 3.21.318. (3 Dec, 2020). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
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A desktop YouTube downloader is much more likely to be fully-featured. Without the constraints of web browsers, desktop apps can truly reach their peak potential - and what better example is there than Airy? After using it once, you’ll wonder how to download a YouTube video without it.
Use Airy to download a YouTube video to computer in 3 clicks

This YouTube downloader is amazingly light and powerful. With its perfected interface, competition is hard to come by. And as for the features, their assortment is adapted to your every need. Choose the easiest way to download YouTube videos. You’ll never find Airy wanting!

So, what does Airy offer?

  • A compact, streamlined interface;
  • The ability to monitor and manage your downloads;
  • Video downloads en masse - from playlists and even channels;
  • A variety of download options, including audio conversion.

How to download a YouTube video with Airy?

1.Get Airy from the website; install and launch it.
2.Open a YouTube video of your choosing. Copy the URL.
Step 1 on how to download from YouTube for free with Airy.
3.Paste it into Airy’s search bar. Select a quality/format option.
Step 2 on how to download videos from YouTube for free with Airy
4.Hit “Download”. During the first download, you may be asked about file destination.
Step 3 on how to save YouTube videos for free

How to Download YouTube Videos with Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are, overall, less demanding. They won’t require a full installation, won’t modify the registry or require manual updates. With their simple menus, you’ll need no help on how to download a video from YouTube. As expected, these add-ons come with their own set of problems, but not enough to offset their usefulness.

Primarily, these programs are developed by single devs or small teams. As a consequence, they might not be updated as often as you’d expect from a well-supported desktop app. How to download YouTube videos from an outdated app? Generally, these are also made to lower standards security-wise: some will harvest private info from the webpages you visit. Of course, this isn’t the case for our picks.

Learning How to Download a YouTube Video in Chrome is Not So Simple

Google has a strict policy in place for Chrome. Products that “encourage, facilitate, or enable the unauthorized access, download, or streaming of copyrighted content or media” are explicitly forbidden on the Chrome Web Store. How to download a YouTube video for free when the platform itself is in your way?

There is a workaround. From the very same Web Store, you can install Crosspilot(not strong). This addon allows you to add various extensions from unofficial sources. For the task of YouTube downloads, we suggest Addoncrop (not strong): it’s a respectable, clean add-on.

Using it is simple: a “Download” button will be embedded in every YouTube video page that you visit. It will open a quality selection menu, from which you can get your files.

How to download from YouTube for free with Chrome extension

How to Download a video from YouTube on Firefox

Firefox has a simpler process for YouTube downloads. The official addon browser doesn’t have any weird policies yet. You’re free to browse for downloader apps - but keep their quality and security in mind. There is a different, more secure Firefox YouTube video downloader to consider.

That being said, how do you save a YouTube video? When it comes to store extensions, we recommend Y2Mate. With a simple installation process, you’ll get functionality similar to Addoncrop: a button on every YouTube page that allows you to select video quality and start the download.

How to download videos from YouTube to computer with Firefox extension

Some Websites can Offer Help

Helper websites are all the rage - and they’re just a single page! The choice between websites isn’t all that difficult, particularly because they require no installation on your part. If a website is failing you, switching to a different one is a matter of one google search.

You’ll find this type of downloaders way slower than the other two. Particularly, it’s because data has to pass through the converting server. Not to mention that clips have to be loaded one by one. You can try it, you can use it in a pinch… But we doubt that you’ll stick with it.

How to Download a YouTube Video Via Website

  • Open YouTube and search for a video you want to download. Go to the page.
  • Copy the link URL.
  • Open FLVto in a new tab by entering https://www.flvto.biz/ in the browser search bar.
  • Paste the copied YouTube video link into the search bar on FLVto.
  • Choose your desired format and click “Download” to start the process. When it’s finished, you can choose the download destination of your newly converted file.
download from YouTube to computer online

iPhone Should Know How to Download YouTube Videos...

iPhone users are out of luck when it comes to YouTube downloading solutions. Apple ecosystem is strictly monitored; the company doesn’t appreciate potential copyright infringements. There’s certainly no way how to download a YouTube video for free. If you’re hell-bent on downloading clips directly to your iPhone… Well, you might have to go the official route.

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service. It offers a convenience package that will, overall, improve your streaming experience. Download feature is a major selling point, especially because YT Premium also grants you access to Music premium, and, by extension, music track downloads.

This premium service comes at a steep cost of 12$, but you can get a taste for free. A one-month free trial is available to every registered user on the platform. Sign up for that, and you’ll be able to download video and audio tracks on every platform, even on your iPhone. If not for that, how do you save a YouTube video?

How to download YouTube video free with YT Premium

...But Android Does It a Bit Better

Android is much less restrictive in regard to YouTube software. Google allows all sorts of things to be submitted and even officially curated on the Play Store. Of course, there’s also the question of independently distributed apps, but they are an obvious security hazard. You shouldn’t need to resort to them: the official store has enough variety as it is. A plenty of ways how to download a YouTube video for free.

This variety has a price: Play Store apps are monetized via ads. Ads on the top, ads at the bottom, unskippable fullscreen commercials and constant offers to buy the new premium package. Vital features may be removed on purpose to annoy you and to stimulate the next purchase.

We won’t suggest any specific applications on the platform. However, there is an alternative.

How to download a video from YouTube on Android

Android browsers don’t lack any features compared to their desktop alternatives. There are only two limiting factors: the comparative slowness of a mobile CPU, and the extreme difference between desktop and mobile screens. Everything else technically works.

This leads us to conclude that any YouTube-converting helper website may also be used on an Android phone or tablet. For this to work, the site has to limit its resource use, and the webpage has to be adapted to a mobile screen.

One such website is y2mp3.cc.

How to get a video off YouTube on Android

How do you save a YouTube video?

  • Browse in the YouTube app until you find a nice video.
  • Press “Share” and choose “Copy to clipboard”.
  • Open your browser and go to ytmp3.cc.
  • Paste the copied video URL into the text field.
  • Set your desired options and “Convert”.

The video should start loading. Once it’s done, you’ve got an offline video that can be watched on your phone.

Now that you know how to download YouTube videos, beware!

Watching Out For Malware

Just like any popular type of software, downloaders create ample opportunity to distribute malicious code. The risk varies from platform to platform, but it’s always there. We can spend hours recounting various horror stories about Trojans and awkward adware, like campers around a campfire. But you get the gist.

Fortunately, when it comes to commercial desktop apps, the risk becomes negligible. It’s pointless for a serious company to betray and lose their customers’ loyalty in exchange for a quick buck. Which is why we recommend that you stay away from “freeware” apps that seemingly do everything for free. As they say, if you aren’t paying for the product, you ARE the product!

Avoiding Copyright Issues and Strikes

The question of copyright always looms over content consumers and creators. Law is fickle, so we won’t give any definitive advice on the matter. We can, however, give you this tip: don’t use downloaded YouTube videos for profit, and try not to distribute them in any way.

For example, imagine that you’re composing a video. Perhaps, you’ve decided to use a YouTube clip without the creator's explicit permission. If you’ve uploaded the final cut to YouTube, the video can be reported and struck down due to copyright infringement. Worse yet, your account may be blocked from uploading videos, or just removed entirely.

Once cash enters the equation, the stakes increase: the consequences may become incredibly dangerous, maybe even life-ruining. A megacorporation will not hesitate to claim your house, your savings, or even to put you in jail if you endanger their profits. Tread lightly!


YouTube video downloads work generally the same way as audio downloads. You can use any of the above-mentioned methods, but when choosing the format, you can choose video instead of audio. Then you’ll be able to save to your computer once the file has downloaded.
Yes, we have listed a few different ways of doing that. For example, browser extensions or downloading and converting websites. You can review the article for a more in-depth explanation of the different methods of downloading YouTube videos.
Since the creation of Keepvid.com, there have been many innovations, improvements, and new alternatives for YouTube video downloading. While it’s still a popular option for a lot of people, there’s no way to say for certain whether it’s 100% safe from attacks and viruses. Simply because the site was created with Javascript. It’s better to go with the methods we mentioned above if you want to be at ease and feel secure while you download.
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 22.55MB size
Version 3.21.318 (3 Dec, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication

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