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YouTube to WebM: Top 5 YouTube to WebM Converters

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There are tons of YouTube downloaders out there, unsurprising given the popularity of the platform. But if you’re looking for a good YouTube to MP3 converter, the choice can be baffling. Some convert to WebM, some are less advanced and only offer the most basic features. We’re going to look at the converters available today that can handle WebM, as well as other important factors in choosing the ideal YouTube converter.

YouTube WebM

YouTube WebM is another online tool that can convert YouTube video to WebM. Again, all you need to do is copy and paste the URL from the page you’re interested in, and choose the format you prefer. One of the bigger selling points of YouTube WebM is the fact that it’s available in a number of different languages. On top of that, it also lets you convert files for free, which is a major benefit. Definitely one to check out.

convert YouTube video to WebM


YouTubNow is a handy tool for anyone looking to convert YouTube to WebM. Again, all you need to do is copy and paste your video link, and you’ll be able to download and store the file in WebM. There’s no signup requirement, which is handy. However, one thing worth noting is the fact that there’s a lot of advertising on YouTubNow. This is something that could easily disrupt your experience of downloading with it.

convert YouTube to WebM


MiniTool is another YouTube video to WebM converter that’s really simple to use. It comes in the form of a downloadable desktop app, making it the ideal choice for anyone who prefers not to use online tools. It offers a range of different file formats, as well as a choice of different resolutions for your downloaded files. All you need to do is copy the URL file, choose your destination folder, set format and resolution then download. A good program that’s simple to use.

YouTube video to WebM converter


YouTubeByClick is a desktop app that lets you download YouTube videos in a variety of formats. It’s a handy tool, all you need to do is download it and you can start getting content and convert YouTube to WebM. A great feature is the fact that you can download from a wide range of sites - it handles Vimeo, Twitter, Dailymotion and many other pages. If you’re looking for a downloader that can do more than just YouTube, it’s a great choice.

convert YouTube to WebM


Convertio lets you convert YouTube video to WebM completely free. All you need to do is send your files to the program by either dragging and dropping, or selecting them through a file search. Once you’ve put your files in the program, you can begin your conversion. It lets you pick from a range of different file types, as well as different resolution levels and aspect ratios. Once you’ve carried out your conversion, you simply download the file.

convert YouTube video to WebM

Why Convert YouTube to WebM?

WebM is a file type that has been designed as a free alternative to html. As a result, it’s main use comes in embedding video to websites. It’s crucial that anyone designing a website, no matter how small or simple, optimises all elements. Otherwise, it’s easy for a site to present itself as amateurish or poorly made. Some file types are less suited to being embedded or posted online. For instance, MP4 videos are often too big to be posted on social media sites. WebM files have been designed to maintain high quality, while still being small enough to be easily posted to sites, or embedded. They’re also great on compatibility. WebM files work with pretty much every browser, meaning that they’re versatile enough to function on an array of different platforms.


WebM is a free video format that was initially put forth by Google. It followed the popularity of html5, a file type designed for efficiently embedding videos on webpages. WebM lets you basically reduce a video file to a workable size, while retaining high quality. It’s supported by all major browsers, and is a very useful file type for anyone who posts lots of content in realtime.
As we’ve pointed out, there are a number of different tools you can use for converting a YouTube video to WebM. Most of them function on a straightforward copy and paste dynamic, where you simply put the page URL into one of the options we’ve looked at above.
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