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How to download YouTube to MP4 1080p 60fps quality?

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YouTube Video Downloader 60FPS 1080p

If you’ve tried to figure out how to convert videos to 60fps from YouTube and download them to your Mac, you might have been disappointed to realize that there aren’t many reliable apps that do this well. Either they are inconsistent or very expensive and aren’t all that user-friendly.

But there is one way that is proven to be one of the easiest and reliable ways to download Youtube videos 60fps to your Mac. And that is with Airy Video Downloader. Airy is an all-around YouTube downloader and can handle anything you throw at it. If you’ve been looking but haven’t had any luck yet, you may is that want to give Airy YouTube to MP4 converter a try. You can download it for free through the official Airy website here.

How to convert YouTube videos to 60fps with Airy

1.Download and install the Airy app onto your Mac.

Then open YouTube and find the 1080p 60fps video you want to download.

youtube 60fps download
2.Copy and Paste YouTube Link. Simply copy the video link URL and paste it into Airy’s main window.
youtube to mp4 60fps
3.Choose the 60FPS Video to Download.

Within seconds, Airy will pull up info about the video you want to download, confirming the details and specs of that video for you - including FPS info. Before downloading, you can choose your desired format and resolution from the drop-down menu. For 1080p 60fps video downloading, select MP4 with 1080p 60 for 60fps.

how to convert videos to 60fps
4.Start Downloading.

Click on “Download” and within minutes, Airy YouTube downloader will download your selected video for you. And it’s as simple as that. Now you have your YouTube to MP4 60fps video available at all times, whenever you need it.

convert YouTube videos to 60fps
And you’ll be pleased to know that Airy is completely free! While it’s PRO mode lets users enjoy greater functionality and advanced features to get the most out of their favorite YouTube videos and downloads, Airy’s basic free version lets you still download and enjoy YouTube to MP4 1080p 60fps and as many other videos as you want.

What is 60FPS video? And Why Does it Matter?

FPS or “frames per second” simply refers to the number of frames captured per second. There are many different standards for different purposes: 24fps, 30fps, 60fps, 120fps, and so on. And because each has its own use and effects on video, they vary in purpose. So for example, for standard video, 30fps is most common. But for higher-speed videos like sports, you’ll find a higher 60fps works better. Generally, the higher the fps, the more smooth the playback is, especially for slow-motion viewing. Because there is a higher concentrated number of frames per second, the video flows smoothly and isn’t as choppy as a lower fps video.

YouTube supports 60fps uploading and viewing and it makes for a much more enjoyable viewing experience. So all it takes is using a 60fps YouTube Downloader to experience that incredible video right on your Mac.

YouTube 60FPS Download Tips to Know

  • Setting a proxy to download YouTube videos 60fps makes it much easier to do for videos that may not be available in your region.
  • Since a lot of videos that are 60fps come with the codec AV01, you might have trouble playing those videos on programs that don’t support that format, such as QuickTime Player. Using VLC or IINA may be a better option for you.
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How to convert videos to 60fps