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The only YouTube movie downloader that you need
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  • Download movies from YouTube in HD quality
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Rip music from YouTube with Airy

Download YouTube Movies with Ease

Is a YouTube movie downloader worth it? Some videos are longer than others. Some take it to the extreme with hours-long streams. Often, these are taken directly from Twitch; however, sometimes, it’s a small studio (or even a single animator) making a genuine effort to create good content. And how could we forget the dubiously-legal uploads of actual movies?

Whatever’s on your mind, watching it online is far from the best solution. Short clips will buffer quickly, whereas a huge one will take an eternity to load, and it may play with quality drops and interruptions. How do you get around this? Just download YouTube movies!

Airy, a YouTube Movie Downloader like no other

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Requirements: OS X 10.10+. 25.32MB free space. Version (25 Apr, 2024). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
Category: Utilities

Airy is the best YouTube movie downloader you could ask for. What seems like a small package will actually open up into a massive world of entertainment. Find Airy and lose yourself in the world of movies. Large downloads will be a cinch with this ingenious little program.

Airy is the best free YouTube movie downloader

You’ll never struggle with the interface - every element is designed with a clearly defined purpose. There’s no need to ration out time to download YouTube movies: they can always be paused and resumed.

Overall, Airy is conducive to movie collection: if there’s a playlist of films, or a series, queue it all at one fell swoop. Don’t forget that you’ve got many options to choose from; will it be a tiny mobile version, or a Full HD cinematic experience? Both can be provided by Airy. It’s available on Mac and PC, and tested to be 100% safe on both.

How To Download YouTube Movies: A Quick Airy Guide

1.Go to the official website and get the installer. Install and launch the program.

Navigate to your YouTube movie of choice and copy the URL.

Step 1 on how to download movies from YouTube to computer

Airy has a Search field; paste the address there. Select format options.

Step 2 on how to download YouTube movie

Hit Download and your video will be saved to "Downloads/Airy".

Step 3 on downloading movie from YouTube

Tip: You can change the default download path from the "Preferences" menu.

Download YouTube Movies Online

The Web can provide countless options to download movies from YouTube. The variety is astounding. But are they worth it? Most are all too willing to pester you with ads, malicious links and dangerous pop-ups (which you should never follow).

Our suggestion - - is a rare exception. While it offers meager options and low speed, it’s a safe site that offers simple functionality with no malintent. Maybe you won’t build a sizable gallery this way, but it’s fine to download YouTube movies once or twice. For a long-term solution, a full YouTube downloader would do better.

Just go to the site, punch in a YouTube address and start your download. After some wait, you should have it on your hard drive!

Online free movie downloader

Download Movies from YouTube with Browser Add-ons

Browser extensions are a lot lighter and safer than their online alternatives (albeit, not as safe as desktop apps). A browser-based YouTube movie downloader will provide a significant speed boost over online services. These apps have the advantage of being localized to your web browser: no other programs need to be launched.

Of course, they will also suffer every limitation of a web browser: the download manager may be suboptimal, the browser’s performance might suffer, etc. And this sort of software is usually made on a shoestring budget. Regardless, try using one to download YouTube movies - you could enjoy it, who knows.

Finding a YouTube Movie Downloader for Chrome

Due to Chrome Web Store policies, finding a Chrome YouTube video downloader is somewhat cryptic. An add-on that explicitly allows you to download movies from YouTube can not be submitted to the store; however, there are third-party platforms that host extensions outside of Google’s encroaching control.

On Chrome Web Store, you can find Crosspilot. It will allow you to install add-ons from third-party websites; we suggest that you go to Addoncrop next, and install their YouTube movie downloader.

This extension will embed a button in YouTube pages, right underneath the video. When clicked, it will open a context menu with options to download YouTube movies in various formats and qualities. From there, it’s just a matter of choice.

How to download movies from YouTube on Chrome

Download Movies from YouTube on Firefox

Getting your share of offline YouTube goodness is a lot easier on Firefox, the reason being that their storefront policies are quite lax. While this means that a lot more junk can get through, it also means that Youtube movie downloaders can be openly submitted and approved.

Our recommendation is Y2Mate. Combined with its relative safety, it’s also quite simple to use. Similarly to Addoncrop, you’ll find a button on every YouTube video page that you visit, which will expand into a selection menu. The YouTube movies free download will start in your browser.

Beware! Firefox often fails with large downloads, and on rare occasions it may corrupt them. When downloading motion pictures, a browser is far from the best tool you can get. We would suggest a YouTube playlist downloader.

Online solution to download movies from YouTube

How YouTube Premium Helps Download YouTube Movies

Don’t be too quick to brush off YouTube premium. In case you want to watch movies every day of the year, it’s a sweet deal: the service gives you unlimited access to "YouTube Originals". Now, the nature of these "Originals" is as much of a mystery to us as it is to you: are they gems in the rough, or is it a bunch of two-bit schlock?

Either way, there’s not much risk involved, considering that you can try it out for a whole month, free of charge. If you take to these "Originals", who are we to judge? From the looks of them, some big name actors are involved, too.

It is ever so tempting, considering how the service gives you an option to download any video on any device in different quality settings, including downloading movies from YouTube Originals. At the moment of writing, it’s 12$ (free trial notwithstanding) - will you bite?

How to download a movie from YouTube using YT Premium


MP4 is an all-rounder format that won’t be difficult to open. Nowadays, you can hardly find an electronic media device that can’t play it. Even electronic books can do it sometimes. Keep in mind, some legacy devices only support 3GP - a subtype of MP4.

AVI is an archaic Microsoft-owned proprietary format. It’s a lot more limited when compared to modern and multi-platform filetypes, lacking some important features. However, some hobbyists claim that it offers advantages when editing or clipping video.

MOV is the precursor to MP4, created for Apple QuickTime. To justify the exclusivity, it comes with some extended capabilities, like chapters and bookmarking. In a macOS environment, MP4 and MOV are mostly interchangeable.


Believe us: we try to be as thorough as possible with our guides. But some questions always manage to escape us. Should you wonder about something not mentioned in the article, it’s possible that you’ll find the answers here:

This luxury is reserved for YouTube Premium Users. However, a YouTube movie downloader like Airy may be of some help!
When a movie is bought on YouTube, you get the access to stream it indefinitely. With some additional software, you can download YouTube movies.
Unsurprisingly, Airy is our #1 suggestion if you’re going to download movies from YouTube.
Well, technically, anything is legal as long as you stay out of the public eye! But that’s not the answer you’re looking for, is it? The thing is, it’s a complex issue. The YouTube TOS features a sweeping prohibition on any content downloads, unless you have "prior written permission from YouTube" (yeah, right) or it’s "permitted by applicable law". Don’t fret! This is legalese for "it’s permitted, but we want you to be misinformed and afraid". You should be safe as long as you don’t use YouTube IP for profit. For extra safety, stay away from law enforcement officials and never, under any pretense, talk to copyright lawyers!
Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 25.32MB size
Version (25 Apr, 2024) Release notes
Category: Utilities

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