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Airy: The YouTube Video Downloader Firefox Needs

  • Enjoy your media in HD MP4 or MP3 format
  • Download entire YouTube channels in a few clicks
  • Access private and age-restricted videos
  • Control your downloads with a simple interface
  • Appreciate movies in 4K or 8K HD resolution
Best Firefox YouTube Downloader - Airy
Airy YouTube Downloader

Why is Airy the Best Firefox YouTube Downloader?

Do you find it hard to choose a trustworthy YouTube video downloader for Firefox? Airy’s got you covered. It has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best apps in its field. No other software matches its perfectly balanced features. With this incredible Firefox YouTube video downloader, it’s equally easy to download single files and playlists. Besides efficient batch downloads, it also offers video conversion and audio extraction - playlists can be converted to MP3 right then and there. There are just so many possibilities with Airy.
Limitless Downloads

Full Playlist Downloads with Airy Firefox YouTube Downloader

No one deserves the ardour of downloading playlist videos one at a time. But is there a need to do that? Of course not, if you’ve got a nice YouTube playlist downloader! The Firefox plugin can queue the whole thing in a single click, so that it gradually downloads without any need for your attention.
Download Videos Around Your Time

Choose Video or Audio

Airy allows you to extract sound tracks into MP3 and M4A files. The advantages of this feature cannot be overstated; YouTube is rife with media that is intended for listening, rather than watching. And you can’t forget that audio files are several times smaller than a video. Compress music with this Firefox YouTube downloader.
One-Click Downloads - Playlists, Channels, and Categories

Unrestricted and Unlimited Access

There are many cases where you’d want to back up private, unlisted, or age-restricted content. For Airy Firefox YouTube video downloader, it’s never an issue! Forget about limits. No video is locked away forever, as long as you’re logged in. Anything you can access, Airy can fetch. This program will deliver with no ifs, ands or buts!
Unrestricted Downloading Length

Catch Every Word with Full Subtitle Support

Subtitles on YouTube can be absolutely vital. Whether it’s for a foreign language, or an unrecognizable song lyric, you won’t even notice them until they’re gone. But it doesn’t have to be that way - choose Airy, our Firefox YouTube Downloader and you’ll get your videos complete with subtitle tracks! It’ll be just like on YouTube.
Built-In Browser Integration

Download Channels Easier Than Ever

Playlist downloads are pretty cool. But, you know what else is a playlist? Channels are. Airy deals with them in a quick and simple fashion. Drop a channel link into the app, and soon you’ll have the whole thing downloaded to your hard drive! Look no further than our YouTube video downloader Firefox! Get that full channel experience.
Get Unrestricted Access

Never Compromise on Video Quality Again

Airy comes with full out-of-the-box support for 4K and 8K resolution videos. Don’t worry about quality loss - when requested, every HD video will be brought to you in pristine quality. All’s as you’d expect from the best YouTube video downloader for Firefox. If you’re into high-fidelity footage, you’ll look back and wonder how you got by without Airy.

A Brief How to Guide on Using a Firefox YouTube Downloader

Airy user experience can be described in two words: buttery smooth. This smoothness can be credited to two components: a wonderful, well-designed UI and rich functionality. Look at the steps below and take note - using a Firefox YouTube video downloader such as Airy is no harder than a few clicks.

This is how you get started downloading video and audio:

Choose a YouTube video.
Copy the URL and paste it into Airy’s search box.
Firefox YouTube downloader Extension
Select your format.
There are options for video, audio and different quality levels.
Easy YouTube Downloader Firefox
Start the download.
More downloads can be queued while you wait. You’re all set!
Easiest YouTube video downloader
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