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Main features for Windows

  • Can Download HD Video
  • Browser integration
  • YouTube Audio Extraction
  • Playlist downloads
  • Batch downloads
  • Pause/ Resume Active Downloads
  • Help & Support
Airy YouTube for Mac


Airy is a simple YouTube HD downloader and converter and it comes with intuitive design and a friendly user interface. However, just to make sure we covered all ground, we put together a list of the most frequent questions from how to download a YouTube video on Mac, convert YouTube videos to MP4, or download entire channels, we answered these questions here:

After you convince yourself of the functionality this app offers, you can purchase a full version only for $19.95 to use it without restrictions.

Getting in touch with us is very simple. You can use the [email protected] email address to inform us of any feedback, request, or inquiry you may have. Someone will get back to you in the shortest time possible.
Right now, there isn’t a dedicated mobile app for Airy. However, you can get Airy for your computer, be it macOS or Windows. You should also know that our development team is all about challenges and we encourage you to send suggestions for a mobile app and what you’d want to get from it.

YouTube Premium is a no-brainer, although it’s a bit tough on the budget. Many apps will offer superior functionality for free (although, with dubious legality, ads and hidden fees). Here’s a lineup of such programs download YouTube video to your device.


A generic application with no defining characteristics. It does the job well enough. Also works with Dailymotion, Vimeo and some other services.

YouTube Go

Very minimalistic and lightweight. This one will be especially easy on the CPU - great for outdated phones.


Sleek and efficient, this downloader offers support for a broader range of hosting websites, such as Facebook and Instagram.

It’s harder to find some downloader apps for Apple, but not impossible. Under the watchful eyes of App Store’s curators, several downloader programs have slipped through, and now you can witness them in all their shady glory.

Cloud Video Player

Ahh, the good old (?) Cloud Player. It’s just as humble in concept as it is in execution.

Best Video Player

Background downloads is what this player’s all about. The player functionality isn’t all that developed, in comparison.

Video FLY Lite

There’s nothing new under the sun, and FLY is no exception. It doesn’t try to experiment, but instead, keeps doing what it does best.


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