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Despite all the conveniences of YouTube there are situations when YouTube to MP4 converter comes in handy. You can be offline at exactly the moment you want to watch a particular video or you don't want to subscribe to YouTube Red for $9.99 a month because of a single video. Airy Mac YouTube downloader will help you save your favorite videos to your hard drive, but you have to make sure you've got the best one you could. If you are looking for top 10 YouTube to MP4 converter, have a look at our list of top 7 YouTube to MP4 converters and choose your favorite.

MP4 format is one of the most popular video formats that is supported by pretty much any device and player you own and can also be played by Smart TV. That is why when looking for video converters, people search for the best converters to MP4 format.

Best YouTube MP4converter Mac

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1. Airy
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 23.17MB free space. Version 3.20.310. (27 Oct, 2020). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
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Airy comes first in our top list of YouTube to MP4 converters thanks to its lovely neat interface that is easy to use. And of course it does its job pretty perfectly well. Being a reliable YouTube to MP4 converter it can also save YouTube videos to FLV (Flash video), 3GP and MP3 formats.

Airy YouTube to MP4 converter

How to convert YouTube to MP4 on Mac

1.Download and install Airy on your Mac.
2.Open the app and paste the YouTube link there.
3.From the list of supported formats choose MP4.
4.Then click Download.

2. iSkysoft Free Video Downloader for Mac

Free Video Downloader for Mac is a friendly app that you can download YouTube (YouTube VEVO) and YouTube 4K UHD videos to your Mac for enjoying them sans ads.

This YouTube to MP4 converter lets you save downloaded videos in various formats. iTube Studio has a very comprehensive interface that is divided in three sections: Downloading, Finished and Converted.

iSkysoft Free Video Downloader

3. Ummy YouTube Downloader for Mac

Ummy YouTube Downloader for Mac is a neat app that allows you to download HD and MP3 files from YouTube. When saving a video you can choose the preferred file format including MP4.

Ummy Youtube Downloader for Mac

4. Handbrake

Handbrake is a well-known solution to rip DVD to digital MP4 or MKV formats. You can use this great app as a YouTube to MP4 converter too. Additionally it can convert MP4 to AVI, YouTube to MKV, VOB to MP4.


5. Xilisoft Download YouTube Video for Mac

Xilisoft Download YouTube Video for Mac is a free solution to download YouTube videos as well. It can be of great service as a YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac that will also save your YouTube videos as FLV and WebM, and can download YouTube 1080p HD videos. This app allows downloading 10 videos at once. The advanced version you can upgrade to includes downloading and converting YouTube videos in one step, converting videos to different formats, and more.

Xilisoft Download YouTube Video for Mac

6. Tipard YouTube Video Converter for Mac

Tipard YouTube Video Converter for Mac is another free solution for downloading of YouTube videos and converting them to various formats. It supports MP4, WebM, 3GP, FLV, F4V formats. YouTube SD, HD, HTML5 videos can be downloaded in batches with this software.

Tipard YouTube Video Converter for Mac

7. Aneesoft YouTube Converter for Mac

Aneesoft YouTube Converter for Mac will download YouTube videos for free and convert them to other formats. This app converts MP4, 3GP, WebM, FLV, and F4V to other file types. Just as the previous app this one offers batch conversion for your convenience.

We are excited to provide you with this little top list of YouTube to MP4 converters for Mac OS and hopefully you have already decided which one you are going to try first!

Aneesoft YouTube Converter for Mac


Downloading music from YouTube to .MP4 is really quite simple. YouTube has become one of the best places to get the latest music from all your favorite artists and with tools like Airy, it’s easier than ever to convert YouTube videos to .MP4 files on your mac.

To use Airy, follow these steps:

1. Copy the link to the music video from YouTube.

2. Paste the link into the box in Airy.

3. Choose the quality you want and make sure MP4 is selected as the file type.

4. Click download.

That’s it! Now your music will download as an MP4.

YouTube has recently started allowing users to download longer videos which means that now you don’t have to worry if you can’t finish watching your favorite movie. With Airy, a YouTube to .MP4 converter for Mac, you can easily download your long movie so you can finish watching it whenever you have time.

Simply follow these steps:

1. You will need a desktop app such as Airy that is compatible with your computer. Online download services will not work.

2. Copy the link for your movie from YouTube and paste it into the app.

3. Choose the quality you want and make sure MP4 is selected as the file type.

4. Click download.

5. Keep in mind that large videos will take longer to download so grab some coffee while you wait.

While YouTube does support several types of video files, .MP4 is one of the most common and it’s the one YouTube recommends. Thankfully it’s also quite easy to upload your videos.

Simply follow these quick steps:

1. Sign in to YouTube.

2. Near the top right corner, click the video icon to either Upload a video or Create a live one.

3. Choose the file you want to upload, fill out the required information, then click “save”.

4. Once uploaded, select who is allowed to view the video, and publish it.

— Remember: Your video will not be live on YouTube until you choose the visibility and publish it. Until then it will be saved as a draft.

You can use the same steps in our answer to “How can I download Long songs from YouTube?”

YouTube says the best format to use is .MP4 (standard, HD and Ultra HD 4K), however it does support a wide variety of other file types. In order to be sure your video will be compatible with YouTube, make sure the file is in one of the following formats:

  • .MOV
  • .MPEG4
  • .MP4
  • .AVI
  • .WMV
  • .FLV
  • 3GPP
  • WebM
  • DNxHR
  • ProRes
  • CineForm
  • HEVC (h265)

If you're using a different file type than what’s on this list, you can easily convert your file using this troubleshooter.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 23.17MB size
Version 3.20.310 (27 Oct, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication

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