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Best YouTube to MP4 Converter Lineup

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Airy 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)

The YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac niche is quite large. There's plenty of material to review and compare. It’s not an easy task for the casual user. But no need to worry: we've picked out some cream-of-the-crop apps you’ll be glad to put on your desktop.

Performance-wise, most of them will be similar (the download speed only depends on your provider and file size). So instead, we will choose the best YouTube to MP4 converter based on its interface and additional features.

The YouTube to MP4 Converter for Mac Ranked List

1st Place: Airy

Airy logo
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 23.1MB free space. Version 3.22.327. (15 Feb, 2021). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
Category: UtilitiesApplication
First and foremost, we’ll highlight the obvious winner of this category - Airy. Every element of this YouTube downloader Mac application combines in an optimal way; the amount of clicks to download is minimized without compromising anything else. The interface is very clean. Secondary features have been added in moderation, and it never feels too clunky or bloated. This is definitely the best YouTube to MP4 converter.
Best YouTube to MP4 converter Airy

So, having said that, which features have brought it to the top?

  • Easy to use
  • Converts both audio and video
  • Best balance between convenience and optionality
  • Brilliant browser integration

The base price is $19.95. Airy features a flexible pricing system, where you can get discounts when buying a family pack of licenses. You can also subscribe for urgent technical support.

Overall, Airy YouTube video converter for Mac will be useful in the majority of situations. It’s our recommended choice both for casual and power users.

Pro Tip:

Your personal best YouTube to MP4 converter doesn’t have to do everything. In fact, some specific tools may lack advanced capabilities, but they will merge perfectly with your workflow. Be careful! In many cases, a large amount of options can mean that none of them were updated or polished. So we suggest that you stick to simple and quality-assured YouTube to MP4 Mac software.

2nd Place: YouTube by Click

No other YouTube video converter for Mac makes the same bold claim - to be able to download in just one click. YouTube by Click makes good on this claim, and it is by far the fastest way that you can start a download. On the flip side, it always runs in the background, and this speedy way of downloading doesn’t allow you to change video quality.

Why do we recommend the app? It’s simple:

  • The absolute fastest way to start downloads
  • Also works fine without the quick-start feature
  • Can do most simple things just fine

YouTube by Click offers a subscription-based model for $4.99 a year. It can be upgraded further for $10. Sadly, once a license is used, it’s bound to the PC, and you’ll have to pay $2.99 to fix that.

Overall, this is a pretty amazing YouTube video converter for Mac, save for a few flaws. Definitely great if you don’t want to bother with your video downloads.

YouTube by Click as YouTube to Mp4 converter

3rd Place: MacX Video Converter

It’s a powerful YouTube to MP4 Mac tool. In the sales pitch, the amount of available formats is somewhat exaggerated. It’s likely that they’ve included every combination of different codecs, containers and quality levels. Still, this is a full-fledged converter with a YouTube download feature tacked on.

There’s a reason why we consider it a solid 3:

  • Massive library of codecs
  • Convert downloaded video into anything
  • Also useful for non-YouTube conversions

MacX Video Converter Pro will cost you a hefty 29.95$. No additional costs.

We’d consider it mainly as a converter, but the conversion features mesh well with YouTube videos. If you have issues getting your videos to play on different devices, this should be your best YouTube to MP4 converter pick.

MacX Video Converter converts YouTube to mp4

4th Place:

This inclusion might seem strange, but Clipconverter is a versatile, ad-free browser converter that surpasses most offline programs. It’s got a wide selection of quality levels and formats. The only disadvantage is the slow download speed. That, and there’s no way to download in batches.

  • Absolutely free
  • Great option variety for a browser app
  • No need to install anything

It’s completely free of charge. The only price you pay is the additional download time. Maybe some ads.

This is a good choice to start off with and get used to a YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac. If you’re new, don’t worry and go with Clipconverter.

Online YouTube to MP4 converter

5th Place: FLVto

More of an honorable mention rather than a serious competitor, FLVTO is a simple, bog-standard downloader. It’s pretty much the best YouTube to MP4 converter representative we could find for other simple downloaders - without any “express” features and with limited options, the program excels at doing its job. And nothing more.

How did this software make it into the list? It’s quite simple:

  • Very slightly cheaper than everything else
  • Safe & secure
  • Helpful support page

Outwardly, FLVTO seems completely free, but the amount of downloads is limited. You will be offered a license key for just under 18$. Yeah…

Generally, less popular YouTube to MP4 Mac downloaders will have sleazy monetization and security hazards. Try it, don’t buy it. Simple as that.

Convert YouTube to MP4 with FLVto

What is MP4 Format?

MP4 is a container for different audio/video codecs. It was developed by the MPEG organization in ‘98, and has since become a favorite of vendors and users alike. It can be played on most desktops and portable devices. This format is even used in online storefronts to distribute movies and such. A YouTube video converter for Mac can help you get offline videos in this wonderful format.

What are the best features for a YouTube to MP4 converter?

This is a list of criteria you may want to consider when choosing a conversion program.

  • Ease of installation
  • Safety & Security
  • Interface convenience
  • Abundance of options
  • Download management
  • Unlimited downloads, and...
  • Support for HD clips

The broadest and the most disputable of these points is “Abundance of options”. Download options can include a lot of things, such as post-download conversion, or batch file downloading. In the future, there might be YouTube converter apps with options we’ve never even dream of.

FAQ About Converting YouTube Videos to MP4

We hope that you’ll be satisfied after choosing the best YouTube to MP4 converter. While we try to be comprehensive in our articles, some questions pass under the radar and remain unanswered. Fortunately, we’ve taken note of them - these questions will be answered below.

A YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac does two things: first of all, it finds the direct video file link on a YouTube page and downloads it. After that, it converts the file to MP4. This is necessary because YouTube doesn’t always store its videos in .mp4, and sometimes the video and audio files are separate. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with any of that: any good converter does this automatically.

Copyright law is different in every part of the globe, but wherever you look, it’s always unclear, confusing and unjust. We won’t give you legal advice… But in practice, try to avoid using downloaded videos for-profit. You should be safe, pretty much. In case you can't download YouTube videos there are some solutions to solve this problem.
Usually, the process comes down to selecting your video, copying the URL and pasting it into the converter. Some converters do it with a twist - they have browsing modes, pop-ups, batch files… In any case, it’s mostly easy to figure out. Otherwise, you should look for documentation.
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 23.1MB size
Version 3.22.327 (15 Feb, 2021) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication

Convert YouTube to MP4 with Airy