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YouTube to MP4 Converters for Mac: our Magnificent 6

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It can be cumbersome to find the perfect YouTube to MP4 converter that suits all your needs. This is why we’ve created this article to elucidate further what makes a converter great and how you can take advantage of some of the most cutting-edge features available right now. We’ve also included instructions for all of them, so you won’t have any issues converting files. All of the options have been carefully picked and we ensured that they are safe to use and constantly updated.

The Ultimate YouTube to MP4 Converter for Mac

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Requirements: OS X 10.10+. 25.32MB free space. Version (25 Apr, 2024). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
Category: Utilities
First and foremost, we’ll highlight the obvious winner of this category - Airy. Every element of this YouTube downloader Mac application combines in an optimal way; the amount of clicks to download is minimized without compromising anything else. The interface is very clean. Secondary features have been added in moderation, and it never feels too clunky or bloated. This is definitely the best YouTube to MP4 converter.
Airy YT to MP4 converter - YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac

Why is Airy at the top, you might ask? Check out its best features

  • Save video from YouTube hassle-free without delays
  • Download entire playlists easily
  • Select your preferred format and quality
  • Queue up as many files as you wish, regardless of their length
  • Manage your downloads as you see fit - pause & resume
  • Integrate it with your browser


  • Easy to use and very clean
  • YouTube audio extraction available
  • Download playlists and channels
  • Visually appealing
  • Family pack or team license available


  • Demo version allows for only 2 free downloads

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 on Mac with Airy in 4 easy steps

1.Download and install Airy. Launch the app.

Select a YouTube video and copy its URL link from the address bar.

Copying the link from the YouTube video - YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac
3.Go over to Airy and paste the link. Choose your desired quality from the drop-down menu.
Choose the Format and Quality - YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac
4.Begin the download. The download time depends on video length and quality.
Initiate the Download - YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac

Ta-da! Just like that, you’ve now used our top-choice YouTube to MP4 downloader for Mac on this list.

2. iTube Converter for Mac

The iTube Studio by Aimersoft is indeed one of the most recommended YouTube to MP4 converters Mac can use, with its ability to convert, record, use drag & drop, etc. However, it leaves a lot to be desired, since it lacks full automation and integration. As a result, it feels somewhat clumsy. Its price can also be a showstopper for some users. The one-year subscription plan comes at $19 per PC and the lifetime license will cost you $29.

iTube YouTube Downloader - YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac

iTube YouTube Converter Pros and Cons


  • Good option for a standalone converter
  • Wide selection of formats
  • Live stream recording available


  • Downloads cannot be auto-converted
  • Some technical difficulties after update
  • Free version only saves ⅓ of original video duration

3. MacX Video Converter Pro

MacX is a potent YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac which allows you to convert, compress, download, and record videos. It offers some nice perks such as the ability to compress 4K for easier use or record video from your Mac’s cam. However, the cost of the MacX Video Converter Pro tool is a whopping $45.95 per year ($29.95 if you happen to catch a discount).

MacX Video Converter Pro - YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac


  • Large codec library
  • Rich selection of preset device-specific profiles to choose from
  • Various input and output formats
  • Allows conversions from other websites apart from YouTube


  • Heavy interface

4. Softorino YouTube Converter 2 (a.k.a. SYC2)

Softorino is an out-of-the-box YouTube video converter for Mac when it comes to catering to music fans. For example, it detects YouTube, SoundCloud songs & videos and places the respective album art in the iOS Music & TV apps. There’s also a handy Ringtone maker tool that can spice up your ringtone collection. In addition, they’ve expanded their functionalities to permit access to a selection of sites outside of YouTube.

Other than that, it offers the standard features that you’d expect to find in a converter of this type. It comes at around $26 per year.

Softorino YouTube Converter 2 - YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac

Quick facts about the Softorino YouTube Converter 2


  • Targeted at music fans
  • Supports all Apple devices
  • In-app browser available


  • Ringtone maker cannot trim sections
  • Still has some metadata limitations

Online Solutions To Convert YouTube to MP4 on Mac

Unlike desktop YouTube to MP4 converters for Mac, online conversion tools involve no commitment. Their services are usually free of charge. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Conversion websites tend to be covered in ads, in order to cover their costs. Not only are these ads and redirects incredibly annoying, but they could be malign as well.

Another thing to point out is speed. With online converters, the data needs to go through an external server before it returns to you. So in essence, it’s like downloading your video twice. Still, if none of this is of any concern to you, we’ve put together a list of the best YouTube to MP4 converters. They all pretty much follow a simple mantra: copy, paste, download.

5. The FLVTO Online YouTube to MP4 Converter

FLVTO is a good option if you need an occasional download on the web. Plain and simple, it allows you to convert YouTube video to MP4 on Mac. No fancy options to choose from or abundant features. The ads and pop-ups are quite distracting.

At first look, it appears to be free, but the number of downloads you get is limited. You will then have the option to buy a license key for around $18. If you ask us, when it comes to online converters, it’s best to keep this a ‘no-strings-attached’ type of relationship.

FLVTO - YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac


  • Quick to use
  • Several formats available, such as Mp3, Mp4, Mp4HD, AVI, and AVI HD
  • Supports HD sound and video quality


  • Not as rich format selection as some other converters
  • Website offers limited info, no terms, etc.

6. - Online YouTube to MP4 converter

SaveFrom is one of the good YouTube to MP4 downloader Mac solutions out there. It allows you to download videos from various websites and social networks. However, keep in mind that they’ve introduced some restrictions when it comes to downloading from YouTube. The FAQ section prompts you to either install the helper on your computer or resort to a different video converter, depending on the case. - YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac


  • Provides fast conversion and download
  • Supports popular websites such as Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.
  • Website available in multiple languages
  • Available as a browser add-on


  • Very limited output formats for video
  • Browser extension installation is cumbersome for some browsers

What is MP4 Format?

MP4 is a container for different audio/video codecs. It was developed by the MPEG organization in ‘98, and has since become a favorite of vendors and users alike. It can be played on most desktops and portable devices. This format is even used in online storefronts to distribute movies and such. A YouTube video converter for Mac can help you get offline videos in this wonderful format.

MP4 File Format - YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac

Comparing the best YouTube to MP4 converters: a helpful table

Wondering how to make your final choice? This tool will let you find your way in the universe of converter options and compare all the key features of the different ones. Finding a YouTube to MP4 downloader for Mac has never been easier. Go ahead and find your match!

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Download in a variety of video formats
Download in a variety of video formats
Select video resolution
Select video resolution
Extract YouTube Audio
Extract YouTube Audio
Download entire playlists and channels
Download entire playlists and channels
Download in batches
Download in batches
Download private videos
Download private videos
Pause/Resume Downloads
Pause/Resume Downloads
Supported Systems
Supported Systems
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macOS, Windows  
macOS, Windows, iOS  
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$29 lifetime  
$45.95 per year  
$26 per year  

FAQ About Converting YouTube Videos to MP4

We hope that you’ll be satisfied after choosing the best YouTube to MP4 converter. While we try to be comprehensive in our articles, some questions pass under the radar and remain unanswered. Fortunately, we’ve taken note of them - these questions will be answered below.

A YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac does two things: first of all, it finds the direct video file link on a YouTube page and downloads it. After that, it converts the file to MP4. This is necessary because YouTube doesn’t always store its videos in .mp4, and sometimes the video and audio files are separate. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with any of that: any good converter does this automatically.

Copyright law is different in every part of the globe, but wherever you look, it’s always unclear, confusing and unjust. We won’t give you legal advice… But in practice, try to avoid using downloaded videos for-profit. You should be safe, pretty much. In case you can't download YouTube videos there are some solutions to solve this problem.
Usually, the process comes down to selecting your video, copying the URL and pasting it into the converter. Some converters do it with a twist - they have browsing modes, pop-ups, batch files… In any case, it’s mostly easy to figure out. Otherwise, you should look for documentation.
Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 25.32MB size
Version (25 Apr, 2024) Release notes
Category: Utilities

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