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  • Rapidly download countless YouTube playlists on your computer
  • Get all music files from a channel or playlist
  • Bulk downloads for spending less time saving the playlists
  • Available on Mac and Windows, fully-functional software
Airy YouTube To MP3 Converter
Airy YouTube Downloader

Simple Downloads using the Best YouTube Playlist Downloader

Plenty of YouTube users choose to sort the videos and place them in playlists so it’s easier for them to access the content. Since it’s such a convenient way to organize videos in one place, YouTube focuses on creating personalized playlists such as “Watch Later” or “My Mix”. Thanks to Airy, you will be able to download any YouTube playlist with ease in a few quick steps.
Limitless Downloads

Download YouTube Playlist - Easier Than Ever

If you want to rapidly download a YouTube playlist to watch it offline later Airy is the only tool you’ll ever need. Perform a YouTube playlist download in a few seconds using Airy and your download will start in minutes.
Download Videos Around Your Time

Multithreaded Downloads

There are a lot of features that make Airy the best tool to download a playlist from YouTube, however, nothing helps the download speed like the ability to download multiple links at once.
One-Click Downloads - Playlists, Channels, and Categories

Bulk Download

When you’re downloading a playlist with at least 20 entries, it can take a long time to get the files one by one. That’s why Airy includes bulk downloads so you download all MP3 files at once.
Unrestricted Downloading Length

Browser Integration

Using Airy normally requires you to copy and paste the YouTube URL. And while that’s a very quick way to download your playlists, there’s an even faster way. Airy comes with browser integration so you will be able to simply press a button and the link is immediately prepared for download. You can activate this functionality in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Opera.
Built-In Browser Integration

Pause and Resume Downloads as You Need

With Airy you will never have to start over with a download. It offers a very convenient pause and resume feature so you can always pick up from where you were left with the download. Simply click the picture of the video you are downloading.
Get Unrestricted Access

Download Private Videos and Age-Restricted Content

Thanks to the ability to save your YouTube credentials in Airy, you will be able to download everything you want. Age-restricted, private videos, you name it! You can have them all!

How to Download YouTube Playlist with Airy

Getting all your favorite playlist offline on your computer is really simple when you’re using Airy. Thanks to its friendly user interface, Airy is easy to use even if this is your first time giving it a go.

Here are the steps:

Choose your YouTube video.
Access the YouTube video you want to download and copy the URL
Copy the YouTube URL
Choose your format and resolution
Paste the link in the download field of Airy on the top of the page
Select the preferred format and quality
Choose the format ( MP3, MKV, or MP4 ) and quality and click “Download”
	Initiate the download
Airy was developed to help users back up personal videos and building playlists for personal use. However, if you decide to use it to get content that doesn’t belong to you, or share it with others, you are responsible for any copyright issues that may arise from this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if Airy comes with a straightforward user interface, it’s natural for users to still have certain questions about how everything works. That’s why we put together a list of the most frequent questions and their answers.
Airy can be downloaded for free and you also get 2 free videos to see how this software works. Once you convince yourself of the power that this app delivers, upgrade to the PRO version to be able to download playlists.
Of course, you can insert your YouTube credentials in Airy and then get full access to private and age-restricted videos.
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