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Best YouTube to MP3 Converter - Airy
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  • YouTube MP3 converter on macOS and Windows
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Free Youtube to MP3 converter for Mac

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac or Windows

Even though YouTube arduously tries to protect its data, and even offers a paid service to download videos and music, it’s very easy to get them through a different service. Different types of these services exist on different platforms, but they have one thing in general: it’s how to convert a YouTube video to MP3 .

Among desktop converters, Airy is a preferable choice. It’s compact, functional and not burdened by unnecessary additions. Moreover, this converter is constantly being updated, making sure that it always knows how to convert YouTube video to MP3 on Mac or Windows.

How to Convert a YouTube Video to MP3 on Desktop

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1. Airy
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 23.29MB free space. Version 3.23.333. (26 Mar, 2021). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
Category: UtilitiesApplication

With Airy, you’re practically guaranteed a simple download. It’s a full-fledged download manager, capable of handling multiple downloads at once with the capability to pause. As the files download, watch their progress to your heart’s content. Your movies and music will come in any format of your choice - MP4, 3GP, MP3.

How to convert youtube into MP3 with Airy

When it comes to batch processing, this sort of operation is absolutely necessary if you want to build up a serious music collection. Whether it’s an album or a mix, with Airy you don’t want to grab every song manually.


  • Easy to use
  • Extract MP3 from YouTube
  • Advanced download features
  • Visually pleasant


  • Demo version offers just 2 free downloads

3 Steps to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 with Airy


Go to your desired video’s webpage and copy its URL from the address bar.

Step 1 on how to convert Youtube to mp3

Paste it into Airy, select download quality and format.

Step 2 on how to convert a Youtube video to mp3

Hit Download. You can track the progress of individual files in the list below.

Step 3 on how do you convert youtube videos to mp3

A Personal Impression of Airy

Airy is a breeze to use, and I’d recommend it if you’re wondering how to convert YouTube video to MP3 on Mac without using a complex text-based free YouTube music downloader. From our experience, it’s a bit safer than other desktop downloaders when it comes to permissions and system access.

How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 via Browser Plugins

A wide selection of browser add-ons and extensions is available for the purposes of YouTube conversion. They follow a similar format; the app creates an interface within your browser to directly download files from a YouTube page. It’s certainly a way on how to convert YouTube to MP3.

Y2Mate - Online Solution to Convert YouTube to MP3

We’ll be looking at Y2mate as an example. Y2Mate is available for multiple browsers, but lately, Google has been trying to shut down YT downloaders on Chrome. Hence, it might not work there.

Once you’ve installed it, the download process is rather simple:

  1. On each YouTube page you open, there will be a "Download" button next to "Subscribe".
  2. This button opens a drop-down menu of different qualities and formats. That’s how to convert a YouTube video to MP3. The download happens within the browser; we’ve found no options for multiple downloads.
How to convert YouTube to MP3 safely with Y2Mate

Stay Cautious with Extensions to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac

There is a thing to note about extension downloaders. Browsers aren’t the best type of software for downloads. Depending on your connection quality, cache size, and other factors, large file transfers might fail halfway or get corrupted.

Watch out for uncurated extensions. If they ask for many permissions, it’s a red flag. They might steal your data, and no one will hold them accountable.

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Online

Websites that offer a download-and-conversion service are more numerous than desktop apps and browser extensions combined. The reason for that is a larger audience - this translates into more people being pestered with ads, and thus, more profit. Our example for this category, however, is tame in this regard.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac or Windows: Best Solutions

", or" are the best way how to convert YouTube to MP3 without any setup. You can go on the site, paste a YouTube URL and hit the button. On the other hand, it offers minimal options, being much slower than a browser extension, and incapable of batch operations.

Downloading from YouTube: Important Warnings

Avoiding a Malware Infection

There are many ways that malware can be distributed to your devices. Often, a malicious program may be disguised as an ingenious software solution. A website may hide contagious links, or use a loophole in your browser’s coding. Of course, it’s impossible to predict and avoid everything, but safe internet practices and precautions will lower the risks significantly.

The sources presented in this article have been personally tested by us. It’s as close as you can get to a professional opinion, at least when it comes to YouTube converters. If you don’t feel confident about your net-savvy, stick to our suggestions

YouTube Download Legality

Most content uploaded to YouTube is licensed in some way. Just like any other field of law, copyright is purposefully confusing, unwieldy, impractical and heavily skewed in favor of publishing companies. It’s best to leave that vipers’ nest untouched. You should be safe if you avoid using ripped videos for profit or public display.


If you’re looking for a quick rundown, this is the part you should read.

From what we’ve tried, the best YouTube to MP3 converter is probably Airy. That app takes a unique approach to the task of how to convert YouTube videos to MP3, and pulls it off with unmatched quickness and convenience.
Definitely. You can use separate programs to download a YouTube video and then convert it; but it’s much faster to use a YouTube to MP3 converter, like the ones described in this article.
It depends on the software that you use. Malicious software might contain a trojan. If you try to use these MP3s commercially, that’s also dangerous in the current legal system.

No, it’s only illicit if you directly profit from it in any way, shape or form.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 23.29MB size
Version 3.23.333 (26 Mar, 2021) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication

Best YouTube to MP3 Converter - Airy