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  • Download YouTube videos easily, without delays or interruptions
  • Download playlists just like you would any other video
  • Choose the format and quality you need
  • Queue many files, download multiple at once
  • Manage your downloads, pause if necessary
  • YouTube downloader for Mac  or Windows, 100% safe
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Airy YouTube Downloader

What Is This YouTube Video Downloader?

The perfect YouTube downloader you’re looking for might be just around the corner. Airy will surprise you with its premium quality in all regards: it’s convenient, functional and aesthetically pleasing. This software truly values your time. Suited to a variety of formats, both video and audio, the app is built to evoke nothing short of complete satisfaction. But there are many more reasons for you to consider using Airy YouTube video downloader.
Limitless Downloads

Unrestricted Downloading Length

We at Eltima don’t like to deliver our services piecemeal. When Airy is purchased, it will not limit your video downloads by amount, nor by length. Whether it’s a swarm of tiny videos, or a single hours-long record, Airy will deal with it and ask for seconds.
Download Videos Around Your Time

No Limits on Downloads

To make full use of unlimited downloads and conversions, the download queue is also boundless. Feel free to keep browsing and to download youtube videos - eventually, one by one, they will add up to create an unmatched collection. Just don’t forget to sort them
One-Click Downloads - Playlists, Channels, and Categories

Get Some Playlists

There is no need to download every video separately, by hand. It’s the 21st century, after all! If multiple videos are collected in a playlist, Airy YouTube downloader can add each and every one to the downloads list. Needless to say, this feature is absolutely vital for music fans.
Built-In Browser Integration

Download YouTube Video in HD

While smaller resolutions have their uses, it’s often preferable to watch videos in the highest resolution you can find. As luck would have it, Airy just happens to be great for this! It can even download YouTube video in crisp Ultra HD 8K 60FPS format
Get Unrestricted Access

Compatible with Most Browsers

Age-restricted and private videos are no problem for Airy, either. With this YouTube MP3 converter app, all you need to do is log into your YouTube account and you’re good to go. No need to verify details and jump through hoops to get download access.
Unrestricted Downloading Length

Access Restricted Content

Age-restricted or private content is, commonly, a stumbling block for YouTube converters. Fortunately, Airy can use your login info to access such videos. Of course, your account has to be authorized to view the videos in the first place. Nonetheless, a welcome feature.

The Features That Make Airy Stand Out

▪ Complete compatibility with popular web browsers; namely, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and some others.
▪ High download and conversion speed to ensure that you can always download videos from YouTube.
▪ No need to log in or share personal info - our app is 100% local and private. Airy only interacts with YouTube pages.
▪ Airy is optimized to handle large amounts of downloads. There are no limits, other than your hard drive space.
▪ 20 different language translations ensure that almost anyone can use our app. It’s a lot for a YouTube video downloader!

A Brief Guide on YouTube Download

If there’s something that Airy can boast, it’s a simplistic intuitive interface. It’s doubtful that anyone should get confused by it. Perhaps, a complex YouTube downloader would get much more use out of a tutorial. Still, as common courtesy, we will provide a short instruction guide on how to download videos from YouTube with a simple use case:

Download and install Airy on your computer.
How to download
Go to YouTube and grab the URL of the video you wish to download then paste it in Airy.
Copy URL
Click the format drop-down section and choose media format. Initiate the download.
Choose format
Keep in mind that Airy was created to enable you to back up personal audio and video content or build offline playlists for when you can’t connect to the Internet. It’s your sole responsibility if you decide to use this software to download content that is protected by copyright.


Airy is a simple YouTube HD downloader and converter and it comes with intuitive design and a friendly user interface. However, just to make sure we covered all ground, we put together a list of the most frequent questions from how to download subtitles from YouTube, convert YouTube videos to MP4, or download entire channels, we answered these questions here:

Indeed, when you first download Airy you get two free downloads with all the features enabled. After you convince yourself of the functionality this app offers, you can get a subscription to use it for all your YouTube videos.

No limits whatsoever, you can count on Airy to download as many videos as you wish!
Right now, there isn’t a dedicated mobile app for Airy. However, you can get Airy for your computer, be it macOS or Windows. You should also know that our development team is all about challenges and we encourage you to send suggestions for a mobile app and what you’d want to get from it.
Getting in touch with us is very simple. You can use the email address to inform us of any feedback, request, or inquiry you may have. Someone will get back to you in the shortest time possible.
There are absolutely no compatibility issues between Airy and all the popular web browsers that are still in use right now. Download your favorite videos no matter what you use to surf the internet.
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