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Ripped media is the source of all woes for publishers, but it’s great for the average joe. And there’s nothing that YouTube wants more than to become a publisher. Fortunately, copy protection and public access don’t mesh well together. A vast amount of apps has been created with the exclusive goal to rip YouTube audio.

Offline audio offers massive benefits when compared to an online-only format. Whether you’re looking to expand your playlist, or to preserve a podcast, you need to get your hands on a YouTube audio ripper. Here are some suggested methods to rip audio from YouTube.

Airy YouTube Audio Ripper

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1. Airy
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 22.55MB free space. Version 3.21.318. (3 Dec, 2020). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
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Airy is a program that can help you rip MP3 from YouTube and use them independently from YouTube. It’s a compact utility that minimizes the clicks you have to make for a download. It’s laid out like a download manager, fetching multiple files at once and queuing the rest.

Extract audio from YouTube with Airy

It can fully integrate with your browser to completely save you the hassle of clicking, copying and pasting. If it bothers you at all, that is. Generally, it’s designed around small comforts, with moderation in mind. Instead of delivering a swathe of underdeveloped features, the focus is entirely on YouTube audio rip.

Of course, Airy is constantly updated to keep up with YouTube’s ever-changing security measures. Sometimes, even when a different YouTube audio ripper would fail, Airy will keep on working. And it will be as legal and safe as always.

How to Rip YouTube Audio With Airy

1.Install Airy. The process varies slightly between PC and Mac. Open it.
2.Go to your browser; find a video where you’d like to rip music from YouTube.

Copy URL from the video, switch to Airy window and paste it into the text box.

Step 1 on how to rip audio from YouTube

Choose MP3 as the quality option. Hit "Download".

 Step 2 on how to rip songs from YouTube

The download will start instantly.

Step 3 on how to download a song from YouTube

An Online Method to Rip Music from YouTube

For those who are, for whatever reason, wary of installing additional software, we still have a useful suggestion. On the Net, there are services to rip YouTube audio provided in the form of webpages. Compared to a local app, these services might suffer from reduced speed and a lack of batch capabilities. Still, they are adequate if you want to get a taste of YouTube audio rip experience.

There are many different online downloaders out there on the web. Some may have many options and capabilities, even beyond any desktop app; it’s just a shame that they are so eager to pester you with ads and pop-ups. Furthermore, for such websites, popularity is a zero-sum game: the few popular ones will ensure that the rest stays buried on Google’s third page.

In particular, we recommend ytmp3.cc due its relative lack of ads, links to malware and other profit-driven malice that a website owner may be tempted to host. It’s a clean, simple website, give it a try.

YouTube audio rip

How to Rip Audio from YouTube via Website

  1. Select a video from which you want to rip YouTube audio. Copy its web address.
  2. In a different tab, go to ytmp3.cc. The format selected by default is MP3; no need to change anything.
  3. Paste the address into a text box where it asks for the URL.
  4. Click "Convert". In a bit, the process to rip MP3 from YouTube will begin.

A Browser Extension That Can Rip MP3 from YouTube

There is some middle ground between a full-fledged YouTube audio ripper and a paltry webpage. Namely, browser extensions are a popular subtype of software used to rip music from YouTube. These are plentiful, created by many independent coders or teams. Hence, some of them may include experimental features, ones that big companies aren’t bold enough to try.

On the flip side, these teams and developers are quite limited in manpower and time. Userbase research, testing and quality assurance is often out of their hands. Additionally, with the Sisyphean toil they put in, these devs can feel tempted justified when putting in keyloggers and various other sorts of spyware.

Our proposed variant is the Y2Mate video downloader. From an initial assessment, no suspicious activity was noted in the extension. Keep in mind that Google is cracking down on software that can rip audio from YouTube, so you probably won’t find one for Chrome.

How to rip audio from YouTube with Airy

Making a YouTube Audio Rip With Y2Mate

  1. Install. You’ll likely have to install the extension from addons.mozilla.org.
  2. The extension will embed a "Download" button into every YouTube page.
  3. Go to a YouTube video page and press the aforementioned button. It’s located next to "Subscribe".
  4. In the interface, choose the MP3 option.
  5. A download will start.


A YouTube audio rip can be a difficult, confusing process. We’re glad to help with some important questions on how to convert YouTube to Mp3, such as:

Even though YouTube constantly tries to stop any attempts, scripters and developers regularly manage to break through. In particular, Airy is always on the bleeding edge of YouTube downloads.
In the article above, we’ve presented some possible ways to do this; for example, you can use a desktop application or a web browser extension. They are numerous, and not always safe, so you should probably choose one of our suggestions. We highly recommend Airy YouTube audio recorder.
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 22.55MB size
Version 3.21.318 (3 Dec, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication