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With more than 1.3 billion users, YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing websites. Oftentimes Mac, PC and mobile users find it challenging to save YouTube videos in MP3 format for offline playback. Though YouTube offers free playback options, their user experience does not meet expectations. To help address this problem, many developers now offer converters to convert mp3 from YouTube. We, in this post, take a look at some of the best YouTube to mp3 converters.

Dedicated Software to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac and PC

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1. Airy
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 20.09MB free space. Version 3.10.242. (26th Sep, 2019). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
Category: UtilitiesApplication

Many experts and YouTube enthusiasts hail Airy as the best YouTube to mp3 converter for PC and Mac. and they have every reason to back the tool. Not only is Airy simple to download and use, but it can also download and save videos in a resolution and quality of your choice. The app supports different media formats, including mp4, flv,,3gp, mp3, m4a.

Airy save video from youtube

The app lets you save your YouTube playlist to your hard drive. Forget hassles when downloading high-quality Full HD, 4K, and 8K Ultra HD. With Airy by your side, downloading high-quality video would be as easy as 1,2,3.

There’s absolutely nothing that this YouTube MP3 downloader won’t allow you to do. Even age-restricted or private videos on YouTube can be easily downloaded within a few clicks. Furthermore, if the target video contains any subtitles, Airy will also save them in the process of turning YouTube to MP3 on your device. If you ever need to pause the download and use the full bandwidth to do something else online, simply use the Pause / Resume function offered by Airy and you will be able to pick up where you were left, without wasting more time by restarting the download from scratch. All in all, Airy is a very powerful YouTube to MP3 converter that you can also test for free to get a feel of all its functions and features.

How to Download YouTube MP3 Using Airy

  1. Start by installing Airy after downloading the app from our official website.
  2. Once you add it on your Mac, access YouTube and get the URL for the video or playlist you want to download.
  3. Paste the link in Airy YouTube MP3 converter and make sure to select the desired format before clicking download.
  4. Once all the settings are made, hit “Download” and the MP3 file will be saved on your computer.

Even though the user interface is very friendly and the steps to be followed are facile and straightforward, Airy also offers an even easier way for users to download their favorite YouTube videos. It can be easily integrated with all the big browsers out there - Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera - which will add a download button next to all compatible videos. Everything is easy and intuitive so you won’t need any advanced computer knowledge to build your offline MP3 collection.

Save youtube videos online

Why we chose Airy - best pros

  1. Download high-quality videos.
  2. Save YouTube playlists in your desired format and mp3 also.
  3. Save your favorite YouTube channels.
  4. Download age-restricted and private YouTube videos.
  5. Pause and resume downloading process.

Download here:

Developer: Airy team

Operating system: macOS, Windows

2. 4K Downloader - Download MP3 from YouTube

Even though the name makes you think of video downloding, the 4K Downloader is perfectly capable when it comes to delivering a complete YouTube converter MP3. It could use an upgrade when it comes to the user interface, however, let’s first focus on the advantages this downloader brings to its users.

You should know right from the start that you can use the 4K Downloader for free and have access to the majority of features, with some limitations. For example, an exceptional feature not present in many free downloaders is the ability to download entire playlists. While the free version will only get you playlists of up to 24 videos, it is still more than enough for most users. There’s no difference when it comes to download speed or functionality so the free version should suit the needs of most users that wish to have a reliable YouTube MP3 downloader on their devices. If you plan to download bigger playlists and get the pro version of the 4K Downloader, you can do so by paying the $20 subscription fee. No matter if you stick with the free version or pay for the pro version of 4K downloader, you can always count on it to get the job done.

4K Downloader

Why we Chose 4K Downloader

  • Support for downloading playlists, unlimited in the paid version and limited to 24 in the free version.
  • Multiple formats and quality settings to choose from and get the perfect quality for your files.
  • Full control over download speeds either by limiting the bandwidth it uses or adding an accelerator for top performance.
  • Use of “Smart Mode” that will use pre-chosen settings to download all the videos with the same settings.

Download here:

Developer: 4K Download

Operating system: macOS, Windows

3. Any Video Converter Free

When you need to download YouTube to MP3, you should keep in mind that not all the software capable of doing so got the best names for the job. Any Video Converter joins 4K Downloader in a list of top MP3 downloaders that focus only on the video part in their names. However, if you look beyond that and not get thrown off by the name, you’ll discover a very potent software that will make it a piece of cake to download any YouTube video and transform it into an MP3 on your computer.

Because it does more than YouTube MP3 download, Any Video Converter needs a bit more disk space compared to other software. However, there’s nothing to worry about with the disk capacities nowadays. During the installation process, you should keep an eye out for the adware that comes as an option and exclude it from what you install.

And while it may seem like a bit too much power to have simply for downloading MP3 files from YouTube, when was too much power bad? Just in case you feel like converting a couple of videos or save YouTube playlists as video files on your computer, you can do so without needing to look for a different software. Just copy and paste the URL from YouTube and choose the MP3 format [ or MP4, AVI, MKV, etc for video] and you’re good to go!

Any Video Converter Free

Main Advantages for Any Video Converter Free

  • Convert all types of videos on various supports and choose from over 200 formats for multiple devices.
  • Directly burn the converted videos to DVD.
  • Efficient and high-quality conversion thanks to the multi-core support, CUDA and Open CL.
  • Over 100 websites that can be used as sources for downloading MP3.
  • Unique editing functions for videos

Download here: Any Video Converter Free

Developer: Anvsoft

Operating system: macOS, Windows

TIP! After you get the perfect MP3 from a YouTube video, playing it is extremely easy with the Elmedia player - specially designed for Mac users. Windows and other OS users can use VLC as an alternative.

Note! These YouTube to MP3 converters do not come with the audio from the advertisements. The ads presented are completely separate from the videos and are not included in the downloads of MP3 or any other format.

TIP! There are plenty of situations in which YouTube videos to MP3 is very useful, however, it’s most applicable if you have a spotlight piece or a podcast that you want to be able to play without having an internet connections.

Official YouTube Service to Download YouTube to MP3

YouTube Premium

Since it is a valid option when it comes to downloading YouTube videos as MP3 files on your phone, we also need to mention YouTube Premium in our list. However, right from the start the fact that you need to pay $12 per month to use it and it will only allow you to save the music on the device that is logged into the YouTube Premium account, doesn’t sound so good. However, if the monthly subscription doesn’t bother you, there are quite a lot of advantages that come with this software. For example, you also get unlimited access to Google Play Music to stream a huge library of songs. Another advantage is that you can save a lot of internet data by being able to play the soundtrack of a YouTube video. You’ll need to get YouTube Music for that and it comes free of charge for any YouTube Premium subscription. Oh, and we also need to let you know that the downloaded songs will only be available for 30 days as MP3 to YouTube. After the 30 days, you’ll need to download them again.

YouTube Premium

Top Advantages of YouTube Premium as a YouTube to MP3 Converter

  • An ad-free experience in YouTube.
  • The possibility to stream audio only for all YouTube videos.
  • YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music added in the subscription for a complete library.

More information here:

Developer: YouTube

Works on: Mobile devices

Online Services to Download MP3 from YouTube

1. Online Video Converter

Moving on to the online services to convert YouTube to MP3, our first stop is the Online Video Converter. Again, the name of the service may lead you to think it’s all about video processing, however, there’s this trend among such services to also include MP3 and audio manipulation as well. The main format for audio is MP3 and you will be able to convert any YouTube video simply by copying the URL and pasting it in the interface of Online Video Converter. With no software to download and install, the process is a lot faster and you don’t have to worry about disk space or system requirements. Because you only need a browser and an internet connection to use it, Online Video Converter can also be used on mobile devices. Keep in mind that iOS and Safari may come with certain limitations, however, the basic of downloading MP3 is still available.

Besides YouTube, you can trust this downloader to be able to grab videos and content from dozens of other websites, allowing you to build a strong audio library on your devices for offline listening.

Online Video Converter

Main Advantages of Online Video Converter

  • No sign-up required.
  • Unlimited downloads and format conversions.
  • Works completely online, no need of any installed software.
  • Compatible with all internet browsers.

More information here:


Works on: Mac, PC, Mobile devices

2. Y2Mate

Next in our list of YouTube MP3 converters that work 100% online, we have Y2Mate. With all the needed features to rapidly and conveniently convert any YouTube video to MP3 or MP4 and a very appealing interface, you’ll have a lot of fun using Y2Mate. You can either directly paste the URL for the video you want to download or search YouTube through the built-in search bar. Once you locate the video you want to transform to MP3, just choose the format and quality and you’re good to go. It can grab videos from a lot of other video streaming websites like Vimeo or Dailymotion as well and it can be used on other devices as well.


Top Reasons to Check Out Y2Mate

  • Supports all the popular audio formats.
  • No downloads or setting up an account on the website - online, hassle-free operation.
  • Compatible with all web browsers.
  • The ability to upload the downloaded MP3 directly on DropBox or Google Drive for easy access on all devices.

More information here:

Developer: Y2Mate

Works on: Mac, PC, Mobile devices

3. FLVto

Downloading MP3 from YouTube as well as other websites is extremely facile with FLVto. It’s as easy as copy and pasting the URL from YouTube and then insert it in the dedicated bar to start the process. You’ll also need to mark a checkbox agreeing to the T&Cs and then you’re just one step from the final file being downloaded to your device. This final step is represented by choosing the format you want to store the files in. For audio you only have MP3, however, if you want to go with video as well, there are plenty of options like MP3, AVI or FLV among many others. In terms of quality settings, MP3 comes with standard quality, however, for the videos there are various setting you can choose from.


Main Advantages of FLVto

  • Supports the most popular audio and video formats.
  • Unlimited downloads from multiple websites.
  • User-friendly interface, easy to navigate through.

More information here:

Developer: Flvto

Works on: Mac, PC, Mobile devices

Android Apps to Download MP3 from YouTube

1. Free YTD Video Downloader for Android

With this YouTube to MP3 download your can easily get multiple files from audio streaming websites to your Android devices. Just install the app on your device and run it. Next, go to YouTube and grab the URL to paste it in the search bar of YTD Video Downloader. This is all you need to do to get great-quality MP3 files right on your mobile device, without having to do a transfer from your computer.


Top Features of YTD Video Downloader

  • No limit on the MP3 files you can download from YouTube.
  • Quick downloads with the possibility to easily organise the files.
  • Extended privacy with the possibility of setting a password for the app.

More information here:

Developer: YTD

Works on: Android

2. Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter

Just like the previous Android app, Peggo allows users to save MP3 tracks directly from YouTube on their mobile devices. By eliminating the need of using an online service to download the MP3 on your computer and then transfer it on mobile, Peggo makes the process a lot faster. Unfortunately, Peggo is not available in Google Play so you will need to manually install the apk files on your Android. However, once you’re done with the step, converting YouTube videos to MP3 is a piece of cake and you have no limits when it comes to downloading and saving files on your Android device.

Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter

Why Choose Peggo for your Android Device

Best YouTube converters to MP3

  • Easily convert HD videos to MP3.
  • Supports Soundcloud as well.
  • Appealing interface that is very easy to use.
  • The possibility to change the download destination.

More information here:

Developer: Peggo

Works on: Android

3. YouMP34

If you aim to download music from YouTube as either MP3 or MP4, you can do both with YouMP34. Sure, you might have already deducted that from the name of the software, however, we just wanted to make sure you’re not thinking of a new MP34 format. Actually the MP3 and MP4 formats were so successful in their areas that there wasn’t a need to improve on them for quite a long time. You can easily grab any kind of video from YouTube by simply getting the URL and then run it through YouMP34. Select the format before you start the download and that’s all you need to do. Oh, enjoy your newly saved MP3 and MP4 files, of course!


Top Features of YouMP34 YouTube to Mp3 Converter

  • Very easy to use - download all the music and videos you want in just 3 steps.
  • Easily organize your downloads by accessing the dedicated folder created in the download section of your Android device.

More information here:

Developer: YouMP34

Works on: Android

Iphone Apps to Download MP3 from YouTube


It’s well-known that iPhones and devices running on iOS are not that open to third-party apps like Android is. However, in the desire to provide exceptional services to users wanting to convert YouTube to MP3, Softorino was created. This little tool can do a lot more than just downloading videos from YouTube. You can access over 53 websites and grab content from them. Copy the URL that is then automatically picked up by the app and the file is prepared for downloads. An added feature of Softorino is that it can also convert the songs you download as ringtones besides video and audio files.


Must-Have Features that Softorino Provides

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Works with multiple streaming websites.
  • Transforms songs in ringtones for an easy customization of your iPhone.
  • VR360 as well as 60fps supported by the app.

More information here:

Developer: Softorino

Works on: macOS, Windows

Converting YouTube to MP3 Using Browser Add-Ons

1. YouTube ByClick

Even though Google blocked the add-ons that offered YouTube downloads in 2014, the guys from YouTube ByClick managed to find a way around this restriction. It was developed as a special Chrome Downloader and works like a software that detects any videos displayed in Chrome. So, even if technically it’s still a software, it was designed to work and replicate a Google Chrome extensions, that’s why it deserves its spot in this list. It can use YouTube ByClick on any other browser besides Chrome and you just have to keep it running. It will automatically detect the downloadable videos and you will get a pop-up asking if you want to start the download.

YouTube ByClick

Top Advantages of YouTube ByClick

  • Compatible with all browsers.
  • The auto-detection features makes it very easy to get any video on any site.
  • You don’t have to deal with a complicated interface or paste the link from YouTube or any other site.

More information here:

Developer: YouTube ByClick

Works on: Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge

2. Video Helper

We’re now looking at an extension designed to grab all types of media from websites. With it, you can get video, audio and image files from an unlimited number of websites. After you add it on the browser, you just navigate the websites as you’d normally do and you will get an animated icon that allows download with just a click. It works on popular websites like DAilyMotion, MySpace, iFilm or DreamHost and it also allows multiple downloads at once. Just hover your mouse over the items and you will be able to start the download immediately using Video Helper to download MP3 from YouTube.

Video Helper

How Video Download Helper Will Become Your Go-To Downloader Add-On

  • Not limited to YouTube videos, works on any video or audio content website.
  • Automatically recognizes all the downloadable content.
  • You can set up automatic conversion rules for a fast download.

More information here:

Developer: Video DownloadHelper

Works on: Chrome, Firefox

What Does the Best YouTube MP3 Converter Bring?

Even though most apps out there offer you the same end result - a facile and straightforward YouTube videos download solution, there are some differences between them.

Take browser extensions for example, these are the fastest since they do not require a download, opening a new browser windows or app.You get a download button right there on the YouTube page you’re viewing. The downside is that they don’t offer a lot of functions and only the mainstream browsers support them.

Website solutions to download YouTube files are well-balanced, offering the best equilibrium between a high-quality downloaded file and a broader list of extra functions compared to a browser extension. These are very fast most of the time, however, converting and downloading can take a bit longer.

Finally, standalone apps are the ones that offer the most diversity and download the MP3 directly to your computer, without any intermediary steps. In the end it really depends on your needs - if you want to download a lot of videos quick, going for an app is the best choice since it gives you improved speed and bulk downloads. Online version, on the other hand are a better choice if you only download videos from time to time. If you’re set to building an offline library, going with a standalone app is the best choice when talking about overall features.


There are a lot of answered questions regarding YouTube on various platforms out there. However, to save some time and make sure you easily access the ones you will need the most, we collected the most popular questions here.

What’s the difference between audio mp3 or wav audio file extensions?

WAV files offer lossless audio and that improves the overall quality of the audio, making them ideal for professional apps like the ones used in film or TV. On the other hand, MP3 is extremely useful since it doesn’t take the same amount of space and the quality is still high. Besides that, MP3 files can be easily embedded with data regarding the artist name, genre, BPM and other useful fields. These fields become useful when using a system that enables reading that data as you can easily check what the tracks you can mix and do it in real time. While it’s true that MP3 files are affected by compression, at a music festival or in a club that isn’t felt as in professional audio surroundings like films.

What’s the better music difference - YouTube videos converted to MP3 or MP3 downloads with a fee?

We need to set the record straight and make it clear that converting MP3 from YouTube does not change the quality of the audio file. Of course, it really depends on the quality of the original file to begin with, however, if you are converting a high-quality YouTube file, the end result will be just as good as any other paid MP3 file. Of course, the situation can change from one song to another, depending on its popularity and availability on YouTube in high-definition.


Times when looking for a YouTube to MP3 converter was really hard work are now gone. We’re lucky to be living in an era in which there are so many different options to choose from. All the suggestions we’ve made in this article are top-quality and were manually tested by our tech experts to ensure they deliver exactly what is promised. And while every user will appreciate different aspects of an app, some may go for online services, others for dedicated software or browser add-ons, there’s one thing that unites all these solutions. The ability to convert YouTube to MP3 easily and at top quality.

Note! YouTube downlaoder’s main purpose is to help users create a back-up for personal audio and video content on YouTube. You take full responsibility for using the software to download any copyrighted materials.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 20.09MB size
Version 3.10.242 (26th Sep, 2019) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication