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How to download YouTube video on Mac quickly? Many tools offer YouTube downloading capability, but not all of them can do it in one or two clicks. Usually, copying and pasting is necessary. Nonetheless, some apps have streamlined the process and became a lot more convenient as a result. The following list only includes solutions that can start a YouTube conversion with a single button.

The Types of YouTube Button Downloaders

Toolbar Button

YouTube Downloader Button Firefox

A toolbar button is a simple, reliable way to download YouTube clips. While it’s not very ergonomic (the download button for YouTube is often out of the way), this plugin type allows you to move and hide it according to your desires. Its inconvenience can be offset by hotkeys.

One of the main reasons why toolbar YouTube button downloaders still exist is that they are simple to make. In order to render a button on YouTube pages, the developer would have to mess with the underlying web code.

Toolbar Add-on: Video DownloadHelper (Firefox)

Right off the bat, here’s a hint: don’t install the companion app. It’s not malicious, but the app is notorious for placing watermarks on videos and asking for money. The thing is, Video DownloadHelper is perfectly functional without it! The only issue is that you’ll get separate video and audio. But plenty of apps and services can deal with that nowadays.

An “alternative” way to use DownloadHelper:

  1. Install the extension.
  2. Go to a YouTube video page.
  3. Open the DownloadHelper panel to see a list of clips.
  4. To the right of each clip, there is a context button. Open the context menu for the clip that you want.
  5. View the “Details”, and you’ll find pure YouTube URLs (audioURL and videoURL) right there, which you can download directly from your browser.
  6. Open a video/audio URL in a new tab, right click and “Save As”.

That’s about it.

On-page Button

YouTube button downloader

Some YouTube download buttons are located on the page itself, giving them a more ordered, fitting look. Being in the center of the screen, they are easy to access, and when you don’t need them, they don’t take up any space on the toolbar.

There is a serious downside to this sort of button. YouTube page layout may change, rendering the add-on invisible and non-functional until the developer repairs it. And it’s well-known that the YouTube interface changes often - at least once a year.

To offset the risk, a developer might opt for a two-sided approach, using both an on-page button and a toolbar widget.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express

Here’s a decent option. This add-on works out of the box on several platforms, including Safari and Opera (it got removed from Chrome, however). The EYVDE doesn’t bring anything new to the table, instead settling for stability and speed.

How to use the Easy Video Downloader Express:

  1. Once installed, got to a YouTube page.
  2. Find the “Download” button next to “Subscribe”.
  3. Click it to open a format selection menu.
  4. Choose the desired format and the download will start right in your browser.

YouTube Premium

download button for youtube

Sadly, where many developers excel, Google manages to fail. The download service offered by YouTube premium is in no way competitive, even with the most basic browser add-ons. How did it manage that?

First of all, the official YouTube downloader button is exclusive to Android and iOS, despite how useful it would be to download YouTube movies on PC officially. Secondly, it doesn’t even download files - the videos are somehow stored in the app cache, cannot be accessed from a file manager, and stop being accessible if your Premium subscription expires.

And thus it happened. Instead of capitalizing on the YouTube download market, the company failed - they didn’t even manage to stop the other software providers.

Addoncrop Helps on Chrome

It is notably difficult to find a working YouTube downloader button for Chrome. We have licensing issues to thank for that, but alternative solutions can be found. For example, a combination of Crosspilot (allows Opera plugins to run on Chrome) and Addoncrop Opera add-ons will work flawlessly.

YouTube downloader button for Chrome

How to get it running:

  1. Crosspilot can be found on the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Once that’s done, go to and find the YouTube Video Downloader.
  3. When installing plugins from, you will need to grant some permissions to Crosspilot.
  4. You can now find a Download button on YouTube pages that you visit.

Viewing YouTube Video Offline

MP3 and MP4 MPEG files offer a superior 1080p experience compared to online streams. How to watch YouTube offline on Mac? Naturally, browser add-ons are not the only way to get YouTube movies on your hard drive. They are quickest and cheapest to get, but you might get a lot more mileage out of desktop apps - apps like Airy Mac YouTube downloader. Stunning speed, rich functionality and frequent updates make up for the costs of desktop apps.

Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 25.32MB size
Version (25 Apr, 2024) Release notes
Category: Utilities

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