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Airy – Best 4K Video Downloader

Airy is the ideal tool for anyone looking to download high quality videos from YouTube. All it takes is a few seconds, and you’ll have an entire page or playlists ready. It’s the perfect YouTube downloader for Mac to convert online video to offline, offering a range of different features that are 100% easy to use.

The Best YouTube Audio Ripper

How to Use Airy YouTube 4K Downloader


Install Airy and grab your page URL

Navigate to the page you want to download from.

How to rip music from YouTube

Highlight the page URL and copy it

Paste the URL straight into the box in Airy

rip music from YouTube

Choose your preferred format, hit download

The file will be sent straight to your preferred download destination.

Get audio from YouTube

Quick and Clean Way to Download MP4 from YouTube – Mac

There are plenty of YouTube 4K downloader online options on the market, However, few of them can rival Airy. Airy offers complete convenience, letting you download files in seconds to whatever format suits you best, whether on macOS or Windows. The app has a number of features that put it a step ahead of the competition. First of all, it offers impressive download speeds, letting you get files in seconds. On top of that, you can rip entire playlists, as well as downloading just the audio if you want to increase your music library. Downloads are HD, and you can even rip subtitles to .srt files if needed.

What Makes Airy the Best 4K Video Downloader?

YouTube Playlist Downloader

Single videos or entire playlists

Airy Youtube Downloader 4K app lets you rip entire playlists, making it easy to grab large amounts of content.
YouTube audio download

Create your own offline library

Once downloaded, you can move content from device to device, and view offline whenever you want.
Convert YouTube to audio

Minimum interference while operating

Run in the background with zero hassle, letting you rip videos whenever you want.
Download YouTube to audio

Safeguard content from online restrictions

Downloading content means that you’ll always have offline backups in case online content is blocked or restricted.
Built-In Browser Integration

Build as big a library as you wish

Download as much content as you want, whenever you want. Airy has no limits whatsoever on downloading.
Get Unrestricted Access

Choose your ideal format and quality

Take your pick of a range of different formats, providing you with HD downloads, or lower quality if you want to save space.
The Features That Make Airy YouTube Downloader Stand Out

▪ Excellent speeds for download and conversion let you get your content as quickly as possible.

▪ No personal information required - everything is 100% private, and Airy 4K Video Downloader only interacts with the pages you want on YouTube.

▪ Great at handling large amounts of downloads, with no limit on space.

▪ An amazing 20 different translations available, making the app accessible to just about anyone.


Airy is the ideal tool for downloading YouTube videos in 4K. It offers a range of different resolution options and formats to download in, letting you take your pick according to your needs. It also has a number of other features that make downloading as simple as possible. And as a desktop app, you’re guaranteed to always have the maximum levels of security, as well as regular updates.
4K YouTube Downloader is safe, as long as you make sure that you’re downloading it from the official site. It’s pretty common with popular downloaders that you think you’re downloading a 4k downloader safe option, but are actually picking up a fake installer full of malware. As long as you use the official site,, you should have no problems. However, when downloading high-quality HD videos, you may encounter 4K Video Downloader errors. This may be caused by the fact that 1080p formats are large and difficult to work with.
  1. First of all, head to the YouTube page with the video you’re looking for. You can use 2160p in the search box to ensure you get the quality you’re looking for.
  2. Copy the URL from your browser, and paste it into the Airy 4K Video Downloader.
  3. Choose your format as MP4, and select the 2160p option in quality.
  4. Hit download, and you’ll get your video in 2160p quality.
YouTube 4K downloader is available in three different options. The starter choice provides you with the bare basics and no extras, but is completely free. The personal option costs 12 euros, and gives you access to most features. You can also download the pro option for 36 euros, for a complete package aimed at businesses.
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