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8 Best YouTube Audio Rippers: Desktop & Online

Do you want to listen to YouTube music offline? You need a YouTube audio ripper. This list contains some of the best apps that can produce MP3 files from YouTube videos. It includes desktop apps, websites and browser extensions with different feature sets. Choose the right app for you.

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4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
How to convert youtube videos to MP3 with Airy

Top Desktop Solutions to Strip Audio from YouTube

If you pick the best YouTube audio ripper for your needs, you won’t ever need to replace it. Desktop solutions are dependable and long-lasting. They work independently from your browser and are free from malware and irritating ads. Take a look below to see which three programs we’ve selected as the best way to rip music from YouTube.

1. The Best YouTube Music Extractor - Airy

Airy logo
1. Airy
Requirements: OS X 10.10+. 25.32MB free space. Version (25 Apr, 2024). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
Category: Utilities

Right at the top of our list there’s Airy. We’ve picked it as the best audio extractor YouTube fans can use because of its unique combination of characteristics.

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For one, its clean interface lets you extract YouTube audio with just a couple of clicks. What’s more, you can download whole playlists, channels or albums. You can even queue several playlists at once and Airy will download a number of files simultaneously, making sure there isn’t an idle moment.

Why Is Airy the Best YouTube Audio Ripper?

icon pros Pros

  • Very simple to use
  • Supports MP3 conversion
  • Playlist U+0026 channel download and other advanced features
  • Minimalistic interface

icon cons Cons

  • Trial version only offers 2 free downloads

Price: $19,95 for a lifetime license

How to Use this YouTube Audio Ripper?


Download and install Airy on your Mac or PC. Launch the app.


Go over to Airy and paste the link. Choose the audio format from the drop-down menu.

Best MP3 converter for YouTube

Begin the download. Download times will depend on the source video length and quality.

Best way to convert YouTube to MP3 with Airy

2. "4K YouTube to MP3" Audio Extractor

The 4K YouTube to MP3 app is another good audio grabber YouTube music fans can consider. The interface is quite clean. It allows you to download entire playlists and channels from the most popular sites.

A major disadvantage of 4K YouTube to MP3 is the fact that the free version features are very limited. For example, you’re allowed just one simultaneous file download per day and the app is not ad-free. And to lift the limit on single audio downloads, audio tracks per playlist, etc., you have to get the paid version.

And how do you use it?

  1. Copy your desired YouTube URL.
  2. Open the 4K YouTube to MP3 app.
  3. Tap on the "Paste Link" button.
  4. Your download will start.
youtube sound extractor

4K YouTube to MP3 Pros and Cons

icon pros Pros

  • Includes built-in music player
  • Offers music quality and format options

icon cons Cons

  • Doesn’t download YouTube to video
  • Free version is very basic

Price: free version, or $14 for a personal license and $60 for Pro.

3. iTube Downloader for extracting audio from YouTube

iTube by Aimersoft offers quite a lot of functions, but we wouldn’t say they’re integrated into each other in the best possible way. There are download, convert, and record options available for a number of popular websites. As a YouTube audio ripper app, it does the job well and converts songs to several audio file types. You can also batch download multiple files or playlists. However, the interface may need some getting used to, and some options require quite a bit of clicking.

How do you use this app?

  1. Open a YouTube video.
  2. At the same time, launch iTube.
  3. Copy & paste or drag & drop the YouTube URL to iTube.
  4. Adjust the settings as necessary.
  5. Begin the download.
  6. Switch over to the Convert tab, then choose the respective file you wish to convert.
  7. Select the desired output format and click Convert.

audio extractor youtube

iTube Downloader Pros and Cons

icon pros Pros

  • Good selection of formats
  • Handy as a standalone converter
  • Records live streams off your screen

icon cons Cons

  • Downloads can’t be auto-converted to all file types
  • High price

Price:19$ for a year-long subscription and 29$ for a lifetime license.

Online Solutions To Convert YouTube

If you’re looking for a YouTube music ripper on the web, you can find a number of online solutions which require no installation or payment. Unlike desktop YouTube sound extractors, however, online services come with a hidden agenda. To cover their costs, they’re covered with annoying ads and redirects, including malicious or NSFW ones. In terms of speed, it’s nothing to boast about. The downloaded video needs to pass through an external server before it returns to you, which basically delays the speed two-fold.

These disadvantages lead to a bad user experience and slower performance, making these services less suitable for frequent use. If this isn’t a show-stopper to you, however, you can find our suggested YouTube audio stripper websites below.

4. FLVTO Online Conversion

When you first open it, FLVTO may not seem like a legitimate download site. After all, the home page looks busy and covered in ads, and the color scheme is quite flashy. However, the truth is that it’s maintained by an actual company, the one that’s behind the desktop app. Although the website is pretty much meant as an advertisement for their app, it works well as a standalone YouTube song ripper site.

Just keep in mind that it’s absolutely plastered with ads. After you begin a download, you will get bombarded with pop-ups and other NSFW ads.

youtube music extractor

FLVTO Service Pros and Cons

icon pros Pros

  • Developed by an actual company

icon cons Cons

  • Very limited options
  • Busy layout and bright colors
  • Extremely intrusive ads

5. Online Converter looks really clean, with just a few buttons visible at the top of the home page. In that sense, it’s visually pleasing and easy to use. There are no initial ads, not until you proceed to downloading at least. Sadly, we got various error messages and didn’t succeed in downloading a single file at this moment for no clear reason.

youtube audio ripper app

Savetomp3 Pros and Cons

icon pros Pros

  • Looks good
  • Free of charge

icon cons Cons

  • Limited options
  • Frequently fails

6. Online Service

The last contender in the online YouTube sound extractor category is It has an incredibly clean layout, absolutely no clutter. There is even a Dark Theme option which looks quite stylish.

In terms of options and settings though, things are quite limited too. You can only switch between MP3 and MP4. And of course, it doesn’t go without its fair share of intrusive ads and pop-ups.

youtube music ripper Pros and Cons

icon pros Pros

  • Clean interface

icon cons Cons

  • Shows ads upon download
  • No quality options

Browser Extensions That Actually Work Today

Browser extensions are an entire universe of their own. In a market with little to no control or accountability over who publishes what, you can come across many clones or sneaky spyware. And you can also find some really useful tools that some people claim are the best way to rip audio from YouTube.

Recently, though, YouTube has been enforcing its TOS more and more strongly. As a result, browsers and marketplaces have made it difficult for converters to stay afloat. But we did the research and put together a list of extensions that work in 2022. Dig in, they’re ripe for the picking!

7. YouTube Video Downloader by Addoncrop

This YouTube Video Downloader is available for Chrome, Opera, Edge, etc. If you want to install it on Chrome, for example, due to the Chrome Web Store Developer Policy, you have to go through the Crosspilot extension. Then, you can browse Addoncrop and find their YouTube audio grabber extension.

The extension works in a similar way to Y2Mate: click on a button and get your video. Addoncrop does offer quite a bit of variety though. For example, different download formats and/or resolutions for video and audio, support for embedded videos, or capturing video screenshots. Let’s see what future policy updates will do to it.

audio extractor youtube

Addoncrop Pros and Cons

icon pros Pros

  • Offers format/resolution options
  • Successfully works on Chrome

icon cons Cons

  • Complicated installation

8. Y2Mate Browser Extension

Y2Mate is an extension available for Firefox and Chrome (via MeddleMonkey). It blends well with the YouTube interface. As a YouTube music extractor it serves the intended purpose - providing 1-click downloads. It offers options, it’s somewhat safe, and it works. Come the next YouTube interface update, we’re not so sure. But for now, feel free to give it a try.

music ripper youtube

Y2Mate Pros and Cons

icon pros Pros

  • Free
  • Quick to install

icon cons Cons

  • Accessible from inside a YouTube page only

Comparing Table of the Best YouTube Audio Rippers

If our article gave you more information than you were ready to handle and you still haven’t picked a YouTube audio ripper, worry not. Take a look at the table below for a clearly organized comparison between the different MP3 extractor options. It will help you easily differentiate between their advantages & disadvantages.

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