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YouTube videos are surely a valuable content that is worth having on your computer, tablet, smartphone and any other device when the Internet connection is off. To download the YouTube posts that attract your attention the most, you will need a good software solution. We would recommend you to get a YouTube video converter to MP4. This tool is specifically designed to deliver YouTube files to the hard drive. As for MP4 format, it is one of the most popular video types today because it is compatible with most media players. If you need to convert a YouTube video into a soundtrack, such converter will help you as well. Everything you should know about YouTube video conversion and stuff related to it like best tools, copyright and legacy, you will find in this article. Reed on.

Airy: the Best YouTube Video
Converter for Mac

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 19.63MB free space. Version 3.15.286. (1 Jun, 2020). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
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Airy is the tool that makes downloading videos and music incredibly easy and comfortable. With Airy app you don’t need to search for other tools and install extra apps. It allows you to save any YouTube video in any format and resolution, get entire YouTube playlists and channels, extract audio tracks out of videos, download YouTube subtitles and videos with age-restricted and protected content, etc. The bulk URL downloading feature gives you a great possibility to save multiple videos at a time by adding links to the text file, copying them in bulk and pasting to the Airy search field.

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Benefits of Airy YouTube video converter for Mac:

  • Airy is compatible with Mac and Windows
  • It supports multiple formats and resolutions. You can choose any quality you like for your video file
  • Airy offers you bulk downloads at a time
  • You can integrate the app into your browser
  • Airy makes it easy to extract MP3 files from YouTube videos
  • It freely downloads YouTube playlists and channels
  • You can get age-restricted and protected videos
  • It stores your login data from the YouTube account allowing you to login without filling the fields
  • Airy supports YouTube subtitles
  • You have video to audio conversion in real time
  • It easily downloads 4K and 8K formats
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How to convert YouTube videos on Mac?

  1. Download Airy to your Mac and install it as any Mac app. blank
  2. Launch it. blank
  3. Copy the video URL. Insert it to the Airy search box. blank
  4. Select the format and resolution for your video. If you want to get audio out of the YouTube video, choose MP3. blank
  5. Click Download. The downloaded video will be available on your hard drive in the default folder Downloads/Airy. You can change this folder in Airy Preferences. blank

Keep in mind that Airy has 2 versions: trial and full. With the trial version you can get 2 downloads for free from YouTube. The full version allows you to save videos without limitations and unpack all features for the most comfortable and effective downloading.

2. Downie: YouTube Video Converter to MP4

Downie app for Mac allows you to save media content from 1000+ websites. It supports 4K format and downloads videos in different formats as well as resolutions up to 4K. The post-processing feature can be helpful after a video has been downloaded and you want to change its format. You have several options to choose from: None, MP4, Extract Audio and Send to Permute. With the subtitle support you are able to get YouTube videos in other languages.


3. YouTube Premium: Alternative Video Converter for YouTube

Recently YouTube has made a decision to give users a possibility to save its content for offline viewing by rolling out YouTube Premium (earlier known as YouTube Red). This service allows you to download YouTube videos, watch them online without ads, play them in the background, etc. You also get access to YouTube Music. With YouTube Premium you can download the YouTube content to your smartphone or tablet and watch it for up to 30 days without connection. It’s a really good way to enjoy YouTube videos offline legally. The price of the service is $11.99 per month which makes more than $140 a year.

With YouTube Premium you can’t download the YouTube content to your computer as only Android and iOS platforms are supported. The downloaded videos are automatically removed from your device after 30 days. There are also limits in the download quality. 2K and 4K formats may be difficult to save on Android with its capabilities.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Video Converter: Definition and Main Criteria for Choosing

YouTube video converters for macOS are specific tools that allow you to convert and save the YouTube content in particular quality to your Mac. This software is traditionally divided into downloadable apps or desktop programs and online services. Their work is based on the following principles: you copy and paste a link to a YouTube video, select a proper format as well as resolution and press the Download button.

To fish out the best YouTube video converting tool for your Mac from thousands of similar software pieces, pay your attention to the following criteria:

  • the ability of the app/web service to download and convert videos into required formats in a click
  • the possibility to select the video resolution to fit the display of your device (4K, 1080p, 720p, etc)
  • the download speed: high or low
  • conversion of YouTube videos into MP3 format (that is extracting audio out of the video)
  • integration with iTunes
  • the interface: comfort, simplicity, design and efficiency
  • the availability of updates
  • integration into web browsers
  • the number of URL downloads at a time
  • subtitle support

Legacy of YouTube Video Downloads

If you Google "is it legal to download youtube videos", the results to your request will be “no” as it stands for infringement of YouTube’s Terms and Conditions. More detailed information you can get here. Though there are some cases when it’s not illegal at all and even allowed by YouTube. You are permitted to save its content if you find a download or similar link given by YouTube on the Service for that Content. You can use the content for your purposes if you got the prior written permission of YouTube or the respective licensors of the Content. In other cases if you save YouTube videos, you take your personal responsibility for any copyright infringement.

Copyright is assigned to authors of creative works giving them a legal right over their works. YouTube has Terms and Conditions applied to all users who visit this website. That’s an agreement that you accept if you use YouTube.

Much of the YouTube content is copyright of the creator or owner. Such legal rights last for 70 years after the author’s death falling upon the inheritors of the copyright or others who own this copyright. Even the YouTube content that is quite old can still be under the copyright law.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 19.63MB size
Version 3.15.286 (1 Jun, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication