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Anyone interested in how to download YouTube videos to desktop should know that being able to do so effortlessly with a good download speed goes a long way. The idea of trying out millions of apps and services that all promise to deliver this and fail is daunting. No one wants to go through that. We’ve put together some of the best YouTube desktop downloader on Mac programs to help you avoid the worst and focus on the best.

Best Desktop YouTube Downloader
for Mac – Airy

Airy is a direct downloader for online videos including YouTube. This friendly app is simple to use because it isn’t bogged down with unnecessary features no one asked for. It is able to quickly and efficiently download videos onto desktop from YouTube and is able to save them in MP3 format if you just want the sound but not the video.

Anyone can use and enjoy Airy no matter their skill level. The interface is a simple window where you only have to paste the YouTube link, whether it’s a video, channel, or playlist, and choose the format to download the video in. This YouTube desktop downloader on Mac is able to download several links at once as well. Airy allows users to pause and resume their downloads, and videos are downloaded in the possible quality.


Elmedia Player

Elmedia is a popular media player for Mac. It supports several different formats and has a range of extra features to enjoy. If the features of the free version aren’t enough then there’s also a paid PRO version that allows users to download videos from a range of websites, including YouTube.

What makes Elmedia such a great Mac Youtube desktop app to download is that it is able to show the link to a video without having to play it even if the video is embedded in a different website. Elmedia Player PRO can even download the subtitles from a video and download an entire Youtube playlist. It’s compatible with AirPlay, allowing for streaming of YouTube videos after downloading.

Elmedia Player

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a YouTube desktop downloader on Mac that works similarly to the other programs discussed above. This app can download videos and audio files in high quality and downloads subtitles as well. It’s also able to download 3D videos. Just copy and paste the link of the video into the interface.

4K Video Downloader

Well there you have some of the best ways how to download YouTube videos to desktop. There are pros and cons to each of these programs, so you should consider trying them all and seeing which one is right for you.

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