Fix sound problems on YouTube on your Mac

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If for some reason you are not getting a sound with your YouTube videos, read this article to see what the possible reason is and what steps to take to fix the problem. A YouTube video no sound on Mac issue is actually easier to eliminate as it may seem.

Steps to take will depend on the type of device you are using. We'll talk about the most common causes of no sound on YouTube videos on Mac.

So, sometimes no audio in YouTube videos may be caused by little things, like computer volume being off. And no matter if the issue is big or small, it is always a good idea to download YouTube video to your computer and forget about sound problems once and for all.

1. Sound settings. It might seem funny, but the sound may have been turned off on your computer. Hover over the speaker icon on YouTube website. If you can see an "X" beside the volume slider, click on it and slide up to your desired level.

Sound settings

2. Sound card. Open some other website to see if everything is alright with the sound in online videos there. If there is no sound on other websites, it seems you have issue with the sound card.

3. Adobe Flash player. Check which version of Adobe Flash Player you have. Because YouTube uses Flash Player for videos, it depends on its compatibility with the latest videos. Install the latest update for Adobe Flash Player to see whether it will fix the issue.

Adobe Flash player

4. Web browser. Try opening YouTube video in different web browsers, than the one you are using right now.

If YouTube videos have no sound on Mac when you open the in Chrome browser, the problem may be related to Flash player. There might have been a conflict between the native Adobe Flash Player and the one that has been downloaded from some third-party website. Try uninstalling the built-in Chrome plugin to see if this fixes the issue.

Hopefully you were able to fix no sound problem on YouTube by now and it is time you might consider downloading the favorite music files from YouTube and save it on your computer. You can use Airy YouTube downloader for that.

Airy is a perfect little YouTube downloader for Mac. Airy is free for the first two downloads and if you feel you need way more than that, get a registered version of Airy from its official website.


How to download a music file from YouTube with Airy:

  1. In your browser open YouTube video you want to download.
  2. Paste the YouTube link in Airy and select MP3 format from the list. Click Download. That's it!
  3. By default you'll find your MP3 file saved from YouTube in Downloads folder. Airy will show the file to you when you click the Finder icon by the file name in the app.
  4. Also there is the possibility to integrate Airy with your web browser, so that when you are on you'll only need to click the Airy bookmark to initiate the download.

Why Airy:

  • Airy can download multiple files from YouTube at once.
  • Airy can download the whole playlist or channel from YouTube.
  • Download music from age-restricted videos (log in to your YouTube account to do that).

So there are the tips on how to fix no sound problems on YouTube and if you do not wish to deal with that anymore, just try downloading. Thanks for reading!


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