Ways to solve YouTube server issues on Mac

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There are plenty of times Mac users have issues with YouTube. One such problem is YouTube server problems that can cause a range of errors including trouble signing in, being unable to like/dislike videos, videos freezing, crashing, lagging, and more. This is enough to make us wonder if the YouTube server is down for everyone or not. There wouldn’t be all these articles on how to solve YouTube server issue on Mac though if it was limited to just a few people.


The most common problem with YouTube server on Mac people report is that certain videos play fine, and others have trouble working. Let’s look at the most common problems.

  • Videos aren’t Playing.
  • Videos load very slowly, despite having a fast internet connection.
  • Videos start to play, but stop or get stuck buffering.

Before looking at how to fix YouTube server error on Mac, it is worth mentioning that if you have experienced this issue several times then you might want to consider downloading your favorite videos so that they can be watched offline whenever you want. The Airy app is the perfect way to download videos and avoid the YouTube server issue on Mac.

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Airy allows you to:

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Well known problems with YouTube server and how to solve them

How great would it be if there was a one-solution-fits-all answer for the problems you experience with YouTube? Sadly, there isn’t one and in most cases you should try several different solutions before getting the right one for your needs. The problems related to YouTube are almost always caused by how your web browser is configured or by Adobe Flash.

Here’s how you can solve these problems with YouTube server on Mac:

  • Reload the Webpage
  • The most obvious solution for fixing YouTube problems is just refreshing the web page. This is often enough to solve the problem. The video should start playing after reloading, but move on to another solution if it doesn’t.

  • Restart the Browser
  • If the problem isn’t resolved by just reloading the page, then you should try restarting the web browser instead. Close your browser and open it back up to end background processes that might be causing problems. Then open up YouTube and see if the problem has been resolved or not.

  • Try a Different Web Browser
  • In some cases, the problem may be caused by the web browser that you use. This is especially true for outdated browsers. WhatBrowser.org can offer up plenty of information about what browser you are using, as well as links to other browsers if you feel like making a switch. Chrome and Firefox are still the most powerful internet browsers around, so we recommend using one or the other.

  • Clear the Cookies and Cache of the Web Browser
  • Regularly cleaning the cookies and cache from the browser frees up space, and boosts the speed and performance of your browser. It’s also a great way to ensure that the YouTube server error is not related to your browser.

How to fix YouTube server errors

Let’s take a quick look at how to clear the cookies and cache in Google Chrome on Mac. Start by clicking the “Menu” button to the upper-right of the screen and click on “More Tools” > “Clear Browsing Data”. From there check the box marked “Cached Images and Files” and “Cookies and Other Site and Plugin Data”. Choose a period of time to clear the cache and cookies from and then click “Clear Browsing Data” to complete the process.

Alternative Methods for Fixing YouTube Server Errors Mac

  • Solution 1
  • Try refreshing your web page after half an hour. If a web page gets a lot of traffic at once, it can cause it to load slower, so constant refreshing is a bad idea. This problem tends to go away within half an hour, so wait a little while before refreshing.

  • Solution 2
  • We highly recommend using the latest version of the web browser you have. Ensure that your browser is completely up to date.

  • Solution 3
  • Certain schools, computer labs, organizations, and even public libraries will restrict access to certain websites, including YouTube. If the website has been blocked on your network then get in touch with your network administrator to request access, or try any of the solutions to get around these restrictions.

  • Solution 4
  • The problem could be caused by YouTube region filtering, so we recommend trying a different VPN. You might get an error message saying that the video isn’t available for your country. The best way to get around these restrictions is through a VPN. Change the IP of your computer using a VPN and try the video again.

  • Solution 5
  • Adjust the video quality and choose a lower one to make the video load faster. If you don’t have a very fast connection, then you are more likely to get problems with video buffering, particularly with high quality videos. Adjusting the video settings can help solve this problem. Open the settings in the bottom-right of the video player and choose 360p or 240p definition.

  • Solution 6
  • Use a YouTube Quality Report to learn more about the factors that are primarily affecting the performance of your videos, such as internet service provider problems, high traffic, etc. These reports can also tell you the best times to watch YouTube where you live.

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