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YouTube is full of great inspiring interesting stuff. Sometimes you may just need to access it offline. But how? There is an effective way to download all videos you want from YouTube on Mac that doesn't require any special skills and won't take
much time.

A very efficient and easy to use app that can download all YouTube videos on Mac is Airy. Airy can download all user's videos from YouTube, download all videos from YouTube channel, or download all videos from YouTube playlist.

How to Download All Videos From
YouTube on Mac

First download and install Airy on your Mac. Free Airy offers two downloads and if you feel like you are going to be downloading way more than that, get the full version of Airy from the developer's website.


With this all YouTube downloader for Mac you can:

  • Download a complete playlist. Playlist is a collection of videos. Anybody can create playlists and share them.
  • Download a complete channel. As you perhaps know, every YouTube user can organize and promote content that he wants to highlight on a channel using channel sections. Videos are grouped together in a section in a particular way so that the audience can easily decide what they want to watch.
  • Download all user's videos from YouTube. User's videos are just a collection of all videos that a person uploads to their account.

Now that you have Airy installed, go to and open a channel, playlist or video that you'd like to have on your computer. Copy the link and paste it in Airy. You can then select video format and resolution. In case you just want to save audio - choose MP3 format.

For more details and hints, read the articles on downloading YouTube Channel and YouTube playlist downloading on Mac.

When the videos you want to download are not a channel or a playlist, you can still download them at once. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. To start a simultaneous download, copy links to the videos to a text editor and then select and copy them all and paste in Airy.
  2. Choose the format and resolution for the saved videos.
  3. Click Download.

Read more about downloading in batch in this article.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 19.86MB size
Version 3.12.252 (24th Jan, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication