KeepVid not downloading YouTube videos? Hers is how to solve this issue

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KeepVid is an excellent tool for YouTube fans and other video sharing website lovers who can’t live without favorite videos even being offline. You will surely appreciate KeepVid’s professional and user-friendly features that will help you download any online video clip very easily and in no time. The KeepVid applet is compatible with all existing devices: computers, tablets and mobile phones. If you happen to face some problems, such as KeepVid not working on Mac or with YouTube or KeepVid doesn’t work at all, don’t worry! You are able to fix anything by yourselves even without technical background or special help. Follow our tips.

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 19.86MB free space. Version 3.12.252. (24th Jan, 2020). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
Category: UtilitiesApplication

If it makes sense for you to try other video downloading solutions for Maс, then you should definitely think about Airy.

Airy save video from youtube

Airy is surely worth having in your arsenal if you:

  • prefer to watch videos in different formats and resolutions;
  • have more than one video files and need to download long playlists;
  • want to have the whole YouTube channel on your device;
  • like to watch private videos offline;
  • need to extract soundtracks without video;
  • want to get subtitles to your favorite video clips.
Save youtube videos online

Here are some simple hints for your most comfortable usage of Keepvid:

  1. Download the Airy tool on your device and buy full version. Get an opportunity to launch multiple downloads at a time. Free version has a limit of 2 downloads.
  2. Choose a video clip, playlist or channel on YouTube that you want to get. Copy and paste the link in the Airy input field.
  3. Select a file format. You can save your file as a video or audio clip. Choose MP3 for audio.
  4. Click the Download button. The downloading period will depend on the number of files you are saving at one time.

You can choose the place where your files will be saved. On default your data will get to the Downloads folder.

If you remain a passionate KeepVid fan and want to find out some reasons as well as solutions to KeepVid not working problem, here they are:

Why KeepVid Not Working - Problems and Their Solutions

If the KeepVid applet is not working on your Macbook, you can detect the following causes and solutions:

  • There is no sound in the downloaded video clip. One of the most often issues that KeepVid users face is the loss of sound after downloading videos from YouTube. Even multiple downloads don’t eliminate this problem and it remains. This behavior occurs in 2 cases: a video gets corrupted while downloading or is saved simply as "Video Only".
    Solutions: choose another quality or format without "Video Only" option before downloading, use other programs to combine video and audio, buy KeepVid Pro version.

  • KeepVid doesn’t download videos. If you are one of those users who can’t download files by using KeepVid, you may have an idea that all videos are not downloaded with this applet. So the tool may seem unreliable. Actually this error may occur on both Mac and Windows systems and reinstalling the applet or enabling Java won’t help. A possible reason is KeepVid doesn’t support this website. It supports 51 sites only. Or the video format is not in KeepVid’s list.
    Solution: check out if this website is supported by KeepVid. Stick to WebM, 3GP, MP4, M4V, FLV video formats.

  • 502 Bad Gateway. This error is caused by different problems between online servers. They are usually not under your control. But sometimes the problem can be with your browser that thinks there is an issue or your network.
    Solutions: check out your Internet equipment, reload the page, open your browser again, clear the cache or delete cookies. If the problem is not solved, return to the website after a while.

  • Video playback error. If you download 480p videos, you may notice that your video player reads the file ok. The problem may be with the file name that is “videoplayback.mp4” every time you download the file. It’s caused by YouTube updates.
    Solutions: click "Download MP4" 480p button and "Ctr + S" for Windows or "Command + S" for Mac to save a video file to your device. You can open "Download MP4" 480p link in a new tab and then press "Ctr + S" for Windows or "Command + S" for Macbook. If you select 720p quality, your files will be downloaded without any problems.

  • KeepVid doesn’t work on Mac. If you use KeepVid on Macbook, you may see a popup window asking you to allow the applet to run. The Allow button may be greyed out with no possibility to click on it and to launch the tool. The reason of such behavior is that KeepVid work is subject to Java rules, but it’s not allowed to run on Mac on default.
    Solution: enable Java plugins on your Macbook. You can download the latest Java version that works with KeepVid from the Keepvid website.

If you haven’t found your problem in the list above, write us or leave a comment. KeepVid not working with YouTube or other website may annoy you a lot with never-ending popups. You may passionately rush from one website to another searching for relevant solutions to this or that issue. Or you may try some other alternatives to well-known tool. It's up to you. One thing should remain unchanged, and it’s high quality of the downloaded video. So don’t stop on one tool only. Monitor, search, find, study the others. And share your experience with other users. We’ll appreciate your contribution into our time saving as well as comfort providing. And applet developers need your feedback for improving the quality of their products.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 19.86MB size
Version 3.12.252 (24th Jan, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication