Best Solution to Save HD Video from YouTube on Mac

Many users want to have YouTube videos on their computers to watch them offline but don’t know what tools to use to get downloads in high quality. YouTube formats as well as other video extensions put certain restrictions on video players. So video files downloaded from the Internet may have mosaic in a playback view, slowdowns, freezes, and other defects. If you currently have all these troubles and want to forget about them once and for all check out Airy. It’s a professional HD YouTube downloader for Mac that quickly and simply delivers YouTube videos in HD and other formats to your Mac. The video quality is not lost after downloading.

Also available on Windows
YouTube Downloader

What Airy Can Do

With Airy YouTube HD downloader for Mac you have no limitations in dealing with YouTube channel. You can download multiple files at a time, select preferable video format as well as beneficial resolution and save YouTube video in HD. Airy has an exceptional feature to download the whole playlists from YouTube which not many apps can do.

Get MP3 Files from YouTube

If you want to save an MP3 file from YouTube without video but face one problem all the time - bad quality downloads - Airy is the tool you need. Audios, track names as well as album art will be saved. Airy supports different audio formats, so other apps are not required. Just add a YouTube link in the Airy search bar, select the audio format and click 'Download'.

Download YouTube Playlists and Channels

Airy easily saves HD video from YouTube on Mac and readily downloads the whole YouTube playlists as well as channels. All you need to do for this is just provide a YouTube link, select a format and click Download button. You have a great possibility to save each item in its best quality available for downloading. If you want to save several videos from YouTube at the same time you can use bulk URL downloading. Add multiple links to a separate document and save them all together. Paste the bulk into the Airy search field and click “Download”.
You have a good possibility to use Airy as YouTube HD video downloader on Mac in a trial version. You can save 2 YouTube videos for free. Downloading multiple files at a time is a full version feature.
Airy is a powerful YouTube downloader developed by Eltima Software to duplicate media content for personal use. Every time you copy other person's content, you take full responsibility for any copyright infringement.

Select Desirable Format

To download your files in the best quality you have several options to choose from: MP4, FLV, and 3GP. HD videos are supported in 4K and 8K Ultra HD. You can select a proper format according to your individual facilities and needs: device, player, preferences, etc. If you want to watch videos on mobile phone, you should choose lower quality. But HD videos have a better view on a large screen.

Add to Web Browser

You can connect Airy with your browser and get downloads from YouTube directly. It’s compatible with such search engines as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. To save YouTube video in HD click “Airy” in the main menu and find "Integrate into Browser". Follow given instructions. After that you can directly download YouTube videos on Mac - just press Airy in your bookmarks.
Integrate into Browser

Get Videos with Limited Access

This YouTube HD video downloader for Mac allows you to download age limited and protected files. For this you need to log in. Go to Airy menu and select Log into YouTube in the dropdown menu. You can save your credentials in Google accounts for future quick access. Enjoy your favorite videos without any restrictions.

Download YouTube Subtitles

Some HD videos on YouTube may have subtitles. You can download them together with your videos in SRT format. Many video players support it.
Subtitles support

7 Reasons to Use Airy YouTube HD Downloader for Mac:

You can direct to the video file when YouTube removes or replaces it.
You can view your videos on any device.
You have a great possibility to extract audio file from the video.
You can download multiple videos from YouTube at a time by providing several links.
You are free to share your videos with friends anytime and anywhere.
You can proceed file downloading if you broke it. Airy stops downloads and continues right from the point they were ceased.
You are able to save YouTube videos in 60fps format.
What customers say
  • I never met a possibility to download playlists from YouTube in other apps. Airy is unique in it. Downloading is quick and easy with Airy. I can also save separate videos from the playlists.

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  • Use Airy for Windows

    Airy is closer to you than you may assume! Now you can use it for your Windows OS. Save HD YouTube videos, select resolution and quality you desire, change video formats to MP3.