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Nowadays when we do not have much time to spend it on downloading all favorite videos we want to have in our home video library, it is quite reasonable to use a browser downloader that saves time greatly. If you are still searching for the perfect app that will help you to get all videos from a website on your Mac, then you should definitely try one of the solutions mentioned below. We bet there will be something up to your liking.

Browser YouTube Downloaders

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1. Airy
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 19.63MB free space. Version 3.15.286. (1 Jun, 2020). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
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The greatest option to download video from browser on Mac is to use Airy. Airy was created specifically to be the best app to download YouTube from browser. It can be used as a standalone program or integrated into a web browser for instant downloading. Airy works well with all the popular browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.


How can I download videos from browser?

  1. Start by downloading the app. The first two downloads made with Airy for free, and you’ll have to activate a full paid version to download more. blank
  2. Click the “Integrate into Browser” option in the main menu. blank
  3. Drag the link into the bookmark bar for your browser. blank
  4. When the time comes to download a YouTube video, just click on the bookmark in the bar. blank
  5. Choose the file type you want to download the video in and then click the Download button. Free Airy is able to download 2 videos, and you should consider upgrading it to the Airy Pro version for unlimited YouTube downloads. blank

2. Use Elmedia Player - best web browser downloader

Elmedia PRO is the best app to download YouTube from browser. It is able to download just about any video from any website on any web browser. The app also integrates perfectly with browsers for the best performance.


Follow these simple instructions to integrate and use Elmedia Player PRO on any browser:

  1. Download Elmedia Player for Mac.
  2. Launch the program and upgrade it to the PRO version.
  3. Click “Integrate Into Browser” through the main menu for the player.
  4. This opens a .html file that contains instructions.

Here’s what you’ll see for the Safari video downloader Mac:

Discover the best browser video downloader for Mac

Here’s the Chrome video downloader on Mac:

Discover the best browser video downloader for Mac

Here’s the Firefox video downloader Mac:

Firefox video downloader

Here’s the Opera video downloader Mac:

  1. Read the instructions and drag the link to the bookmarks bar for your browser.
  2. Whenever you see an online video that you want to download, you can just click on the “Open in Elmedia Player” option in the bookmark bar.
  3. This opens Elmedia Player and allows you to instantly download the video.
Video Downloader Pro

3. Browser Add-Ons

Video Downloader Pro helps users to download the media they want from a range of websites. It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Here’s how to download videos using this extension:

  1. Open the Chrome, Firefox, or Opera store and download and install the extension.
  2. Open the browser that you want to download the music or video from.
  3. Start the media to start the extension.
  4. Open Video Downloader Pro, choose which file to download, and then click Download.
Video Downloader PRO

4. Firefox Video Downloader

Video Downloader Pro is a fantastic Firefox video downloader that allows for downloading images and videos from websites. The browser toolbar icon activates whenever it detects something that it is able to download. You can then click on the icon to see what you can download.

Video Download Helper can download several kinds of streaming videos including HTTP, F4F, and MP2T, making it a unique extension. Even if a website does use an unsupported kind of streaming technology, it is able to save video of the screen rather than the media directly.

Firefox video downloader

5. Chrome Video Downloader

Chrome Video Downloader is a plugin for Chrome that allows downloading videos and audio files from websites online. It works great on a wide variety of websites including Facebook, Blip, Metacafe, Vimeo, Veoh, Break, Dailymotion, and more. Unfortunately, the extension doesn’t work with YouTube due to restrictions on the Google Chrome Store. Google refuses to host apps that allow for YouTube downloading, as this breaks the terms and services of YouTube (which is owned by Google).

Chrome Video Downloader

6. Opera Video Downloader

Easy YouTube Video Downloader for Opera is the most popular YouTube downloader for Opera. It is able to download a range of video file types including 3GP, FLV, MP3, MP4, 720p HD, 1080p HD, Full HD, and 4K Ultra HD. One of the best features of the extension is being able to download high-quality 192kbps MP3 with a single click without ever having to leave YouTube.

Opera video downloader

7. Safari Video Downloader

Downloading videos might not be the first thing someone thinks of with Safari browser. Even so, Safari is a great way to download videos, especially for people who don’t feel like installing other browsers or plugins. All it takes is the Safari app itself and a little bit of knowledge. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Open up Safari on Mac.
  2. Click “Window” and then click “Activity”.
  3. Open up the website to download videos from.
  4. Go back to “Activity” and find the file that you want to download in the list.
  5. Double click on the file to start downloading it.
Download Video from Safari

It’s extremely easy to download through Safari, not to mention free. All it takes is a few scrolls and a few clicks. Unfortunately, this option isn’t available for Safari version 8.0 and higher.

Depending on what you want and need, you could try browser plugins or choose a software solution. These may come with financial costs, but they are more efficient and reliable in the long run.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 19.63MB size
Version 3.15.286 (1 Jun, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication