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Being one of Apple’s first-rate web browsers, Safari is doing a great service to millions of Internet users worldwide. Only a few years ago, the thing that numerous Safari fans particularly loved about the browser was the ability to save YouTube movies directly from the app. It was a real joy right till the moment YouTube introduced changes to its policy making it impossible. However, a vast number of useful add-ons and programs available today are ready to help the dedicated Safari users cover this need. Here are some powerful Safari extensions that are several steps ahead in downloading video content from YouTube.

Top Safari YouTube downloaders

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1. Airy
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 19.63MB free space. Version 3.15.286. (1 Jun, 2020). 4.9 Rank based on 812+ users, Reviews(889)
Category: UtilitiesApplication
Airy is a go-to download utility that can be easily managed within Safari browser. Providing a decent selection of download features, the app will help you save HD and Full HD movies from YouTube without any efforts. Where Airy really excels is in downloading complete YouTube playlists and channels using a single URL. More than that, with the program you’ll be able to extract your favorite sounds from video files and save them in MP3 format to your PC. Just follow these simple steps to have a go:

How do I download YouTube videos using Safari?

  1. Download the app. Once installed, Airy will let you save files twice for free. Unlimited downloads are available in the full edition. blank
  2. Go to the main menu and find the “Integrate into Browser” option. blank
  3. Put the link you get into the bookmarks bar of your Safari web browser. blank
  4. Now, whenever you want to save a movie from YouTube, just click this link. blank
  5. Finally, decide on the format your file to be saved in and hit “Download”. blank

2. FastestTube App for Mac

If you need an efficient Safari YouTube downloader to save files of virtually any format directly from your preferred browser, FastestTube will be an ideal solution for you. With this popular add-on you’ll have the great opportunity to save movies in the quality you like best. Here’s a simple instruction:

  1. First, you install the app.
  2. Second, open the file you need.
  3. Third, find the “Download” button under the video player and start downloading files in the format and quality of your choice.
FastestTube App

3. ClipConverter Addon

There are a variety of YouTube downloaders to choose from but ClipConverter Addon, which can be fully integrated into your Safari browser, is definitely one of the best solutions. Thanks the ability to save and convert practically any file form such services as YouTube, Vimeo, MySpace, and many more to a number of popular formats, the free recorder becomes standing out against a large number of its competitors. It's important to note, however, that you should have the TamperMonkey extension installed in your Safari browser to be able to use ClipConverter Addon.

ClipConverter Addon

4. Easy YouTube Video downloader

The list of top YouTube downloaders would definitely be incomplete without Easy YouTube Video Downloader. This YouTube Safari extension is becoming more and more popular for its useful feature to save files of various types (Full-HD, MP4, FLV, 3GP, and MP3 in particular) in moments.

To enjoy fast downloading from YouTube with the app, it will be enough to just click "Download as" and pick a format your file will be saved to.

Easy YouTube Video downloader

5. Video DownloadHelper for macOS

Video DownloadHelper is yet another handy extension for Safari. Its basic idea is simple: the toolbar icon of the plugin activates every time the extension detects a file that can be saved from the web. All you need to do is just click on the item to download it. One thing you should keep in mind using the program is that the extension can only do its job when the browser is open. Closing your browser, you automatically stop all downloads. In any event, the ease of use combined with powerful functionality make Video DownloadHelper a must-have add-on for any Safari user.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 19.63MB size
Version 3.15.286 (1 Jun, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication