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There is plentiful of footage that can be found on YouTube. Do you need to grab video from YouTube? Here's where to get the best YouTube video grabber and how to use it.

Whenever the topic of grabbing from YouTube comes up there is always a legit concern on whether this is legal at all. As for copyright concerns it seems that as long as you are downloading for your personal use only it should not be an issue. On the other hand considering Google's terms of service for YouTube, it is not as soft. It is officially said that: "You shall not download any Content unless you see a 'download' or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content.". This is quite logical because watching videos offline takes money from Google and those who uploaded videos and put ads in them. In those cases when you are about to download a YouTube video for re-sharing purposes, it can be a good idea to use YouTube's offered possibilities. You can either embed or email or share via social networks without having to download. But for those cases when you have a real reason to download, we won't judge or say anything against your decision. We'll simply recommend you a really great video grabber download and from there it is up to you.

Airy YouTube Video Grabber

Airy for Windows
Category: Downloaders
Requirements: Win XP and later, 14.14MB free space. Version 2.2.242. (5th Jul, 2019). 4.7 Rank based on 780+ users, Reviews(321)

Here we'll talk about Airy app - a designated YouTube grabber for Windows. Download and install Airy on your computer - first two downloads are free. Then paste a YouTube link or many links into Airy, choose the format to download in and click Download. Airy will also grab entire playlists and channels from YouTube. When you only need a soundtrack and don't care about the video, you can simply select MP3 format from the list and you'll get an audio file on your computer.

Airy YouTube grabber integrates with your web browsers to make video grabbing a quick and fast process. Just to remind you - Airy is a dedicated app and is exclusively dedicated to YouTube downloading. Good news is it does a high-quality job. Also its developers offer constant support for the product if you have any questions or issues.
Airy for Windows
Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 14.14MB size
Version 2.2.242 (5th Jul, 2019) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication