Airy - YouTube downloader for Mac

Anna Brooks

Wondering how to save YouTube videos on Mac to always have them at hand even when there is no Internet connection? With Airy - simple but powerful YouTube downloader Mac app - you can easily save YouTube video on Mac in just a couple of mouse clicks.

Airy is an essential save YouTube videos Mac app

YouTube is a well-known and rather popular video resource. Sometimes it's enough to just watch a video online and that's it. But what if you need some video more than once, and want to access it when there is no Internet connection, and don't want to depend on the video availability on YouTube?

The answer is Airy! Airy is a Mac YouTube downloader solving its direct task perfectly - downloading videos from YouTube including HD videos.

How to save YouTube videos on Mac with Airy

1. Download Airy from this page and then install it on your Mac.
Then launch the app

Install Airy on your Mac

2. Integrate Airy in your web browser to have instant access to downloading YouTube videos right from YouTube page.

3. Enter the link to the video you'd like to download or use the integrated Airy bookmark for fast adding of the link. Select the file format and resolution and click Download button. You'll see the progress of downloading in Airy window.

Enter video URL

4. You can find the saved video in Airy folder in your Downloads. Or just click Show in finder button to open the folder with the video.

5. Click Download button.
In case you don't need the video itself, but would like to get its soundtrack, just add the link to the video in Airy and then choose MP3 in formats list.

6. Now you have YouTube video on your hard disk and don't need to load it each time you want to watch it.

Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 14.87MB free space
Version 3.8.218 (16th Jul, 2019) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication